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Sustainability is taught in all Ivey programs. Although the approach to teaching sustainability varies considerably across programs, there are consistent features. The sustainability courses assume that economic development should “meet the needs of present generations, without compromising the needs of future generations.”  We take a multidisciplinary view to understand how business can address big world problems over the long term. In other words, the course analyzes how business can create less harm and be a force for good. The issues covered include climate change, toxicity, poverty, income inequality, inclusivity, and wellbeing. The business tools that help achieve these aims include financial analysis, accounting for the triple bottom line, supply chains, social enterprises, innovation, corporate governance, and public policy.

Our undergraduate HBAs are required to take a Corporations and Society course, in which half of the classes is the same across sections and the other half differ by topical focus (e.g. public policy, strategy, finance, diversity).  MBA students have several sessions that are co-taught by two faculty members: one with a sustainability emphasis and the other with a functional emphasis.  Doing so clearly demonstrates how sustainability pertains to all aspects of business.  Both the HBAs and MBAs also are provided electives in sustainability. And, students in our EMBA program are required to take a core course in sustainability. Finally, Students in the MSc program can choose an elective in sustainability, but have programmatic events throughout the year.

bob andersen

Bob Andersen

diane-laure arjalies

Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Associate Professor

Oana Branzei

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Nadine de Gannes

Assistant Professor

Bissan Ghaddar

Associate Professor

Jury Gualandris

Associate Professor

Deishin Lee

Associate Professor

Wren Montgomery

Assistant Professor
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Nouri Najjar

Assistant Professor
Nguyen, Jason

Jason Nguyen

Assistant Professor
Pearce, Joshua 2021 (BIO)

Joshua Pearce


Gal Raz

Associate Professor