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Organizational Behaviour

Recent Publications

Trombini, C.; Jiang, W.; Kinias, Z. K., (Forthcoming), "Receiving Social Support Motivates Long-Term Prosocial Behavior", Journal Of Business Ethics
Masters-Waage, T.; Kinias, Z. K.; Stewart, D.; Artgueta-Rivera, J.; King, E., (Forthcoming), "Social Inattentional Blindness to Idea Stealing in Meetings", Nature Scientific Report
Monzani, L.; Bibic, K.; Haslam, S. A.; Kerschreiter, R.; Lemoine, J. E. W.; Steffens, N. K.; Akfirat, S. A.; Ballada, C. J. A.; Bazarov, T.; Aruta, J. J. B. R., et al., (Forthcoming), "Political Leaders' Identity Leadership and Civic Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Trust in Fellow Citizens and the Moderating Role of Economic Inequality", Political Psychology

Organizational Behaviour focuses on two major themes: international organizational behavior and the management of diversity; and organizational competitiveness, the management of change and leadership. The program is designed to develop an understanding of current theory, research, and practice. 

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