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Ivey Field Project

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IFP welcomes companies to participate in Ivey’s capstone academic course. IFP typically looks for projects that are strategically relevant and where the scope of work introduces analyses that cover several functional areas of the business (i.e. new product launches, modifying operational processes or even the need for a structured employee recruitment strategy).

Depending on the project, the result is to produce a solid business case with an outline for an execution plan that the client can use to move forward. An ideal project would have the opportunity to shape a multi-million-dollar opportunity. Companies of all sizes and sectors can be considered.

There will be a team of six students dedicated to doing over 600 hours of strategic consulting on the project. The team will work closely with the client contact or an assigned senior executive in the company who will provide insights, information and details producing a comprehensive project result. The team will undertake primary and secondary research and as such may need some direction internally.  Completion of the project includes delivery of a final written report and presentation to the client.

Client Commitment

A client is asked to be prepared to invest a couple hours at the start of the project helping the team get up to speed about the company, and then the ongoing time commitment will likely be 30-minute conference calls every two weeks depending on each team-client deliverable (Sept-Nov-Dec). Completion of the project includes delivery of a final written report with a team presentation to the client at a pre-arranged date & time mid-December (client location or by a virtual meeting).

Access to Information

The client agrees to make available to the students on a timely basis the information (financial and other) the team requires and as deemed necessary by the client to complete their study.

Ownership of Project Outcomes

The client understands that the Ivey Business School, the University of Western Ontario, and IFP staff do not necessarily endorse the recommendations of the students and are not responsible for decisions undertaken by the client in response to recommendations by the students. The client agrees to accept responsibility for any and all decisions made as a result of the students’ work and recommendations. The school and the IFP staff acknowledge and agree that the client shall own all results and proceeds of the students’ work.

Confidentiality – Non-Disclosure Agreement and Client Letter of Agreement

The client understands that the IFP faculty, student team and staff at the school will keep the client report confidential and will not release information or provide access to third parties without first receiving written permission from the client.

Expenses/Pre-approved Budget

Where receipts are available, the client is responsible for reimbursing the students directly (not Ivey) for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the course of the project. The client and students are responsible for arranging the terms of a budget including pre-approval if requested and requirements for payment of such expenses.

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