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If you represent an established enterprise, please complete the online application form (below) to be considered for the Ivey Field Project. Our office will contact you within seven business days to discuss your project proposal. Please do your best to provide as many details as possible, but if you are struggling with parts of the form, please do not worry as we will help you complete the form when we contact you.

If you have any questions or concerns before applying, please contact the IFP Client Relations Manager, Kristen Kovacs,

Apply for the Ivey Field Project

We are very excited that you have chosen to work with an Ivey IFP team. The first step in this process is for you to complete the form below with as many details as possible. This will allow Ivey to vet the project's viability and help us to identify the best team for your project scope. Please fill out the form providing all the necessary details.  
As a next step, our Client Relations team will be in touch to arrange a further discussion on the project viability. This conversion is mandatory for projects to be approved. 
Company Overview

• In your description, please explain (1) the industry in which the organization / company operates; (2) the value proposition including some information about how it differentiates itself from its competitors; (3) and key threats and opportunities the organization / company is likely to face in the next 2 to 5 years; and (4) the impact your organization has on customers, clients, funders, beneficiaries, etc.

• Your organization, like most, faces different challenges and opportunities; not all of these are strategic. IFP Projects must allow students to work on strategic projects, i.e. projects that deal with issues that directly influence the organization’s bottom line (financial/non-financial). The projects that meet the bar for IFP, must (1) allow students to evaluate different options, (2) make a recommendation to the organization about what decision they should make and how that decision will add value, (3) and provide the organization with an implementation plan to realize that value. Please describe your strategic issue accordingly.

Key Contact Information

Client Commitment

If Yes, please tell us:

If No, please tell us:

Please read the expectations below and indicate your understanding and agreement:

The client understands the project takes places in four phases:

  1. Students are required to meet with the client at least 2 times to develop a detailed scope of what can be accomplished during the 2nd and 3rd week of SEPTEMBER. Clients must be available for meetings during that time either in-person or via virtual conference call.
  2. Students will spend the month of OCTOBER working on an interim report. The purpose of the interim report is to develop a set of questions that would need to be answered in order to help the client resolve the strategic issue they are facing. Students will develop a set of 10 to 15 key questions and do secondary research (data collection and understanding best practices) and primary research (interviews with the client and other stakeholders) to answer these questions. Students will require access to the client as well as documentation from the client.
  3. Students will spend the month of NOVEMBER working on the final report including key recommendations and a detailed implementation plan. Students will require access to the client as well as documentation from the client. 
  4. Students will present the final project to the client either in-person or via virtual conference call in DECEMBER or JANUARY.
  5. During the entire IFP project (between SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER), the client will receive an update either by phone or via email every 7 to 10 days.

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