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Brennan Wong - Pledges for Change
May 31, 2019

HBA students are changing the volunteer experience

The Ivey students behind Pledges for Change, a not-for-profit organization, are working on a pilot project offering new volunteer experiences focused on skills development. Their goal is to strengthen volunteerism in Canada.
CCP team
Dec 11, 2015

HBAs bring new perspectives to local not-for-profit organizations

Ivey HBA students have been working with local not-for-profits since the beginning of October as part of the Ivey Connects Community Consulting Project.
Sep 24, 2015

The event is awesome

This is an excerpt
Ivey Connects CCP students
Nov 26, 2014

HBA students put their business expertise to work in the community

HBA students shared the results of the Ivey Connects Community Consulting Project and how these initiatives will make a difference in the community at a closing ceremonies event on November 21.
Ivey Impact
Jul 8, 2014

How many MBA students does it take to pull out a weed?

While part of Ivey’s mission is to develop leaders who give back to the communities in which they operate, it’s only through hands-on action that students learn what that means. Ivey’s MBA students put the School’s mission into action by donating more than 300 volunteer hours...
Parents Resize
Oct 22, 2012

HBA1 Parents' Day

Each fall, Ivey welcomes and celebrates with close to 500 HBA parents and first year students to showcase Ivey and the HBA Program. The day consists of mingling with faculty, participating in a case discussion, a welcome reception and special luncheon with a distinguished keynote speaker...
Blood Drive Resize
Sep 22, 2012

Ivey Connects Blood Drive

Ivey Connects continued its ongoing commitment to Canadian Blood Services as a Partner for Life, organizing and partaking in a successful blood drive that engaged the Ivey and greater Western community. Ivey Connects has a long-standing relationship with Canadian Blood Services...
Ivey Bldg Resize
Sep 9, 2012

Orientation Week

This year, Ivey Connects had a dedicated day during HBA1 Orientation week. A morning information session was held in 1R40 where a brief presentation took place introducing Ivey Connects to students and explaining our various portfolios...