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IMPACT Challenge

What is the Impact Challenge?

The Impact Challenge involves partnerships between local non-profit organizations and adds value to the education of HBA1 students by:

  • Enhancing managerial learning through coordination of involvement activities with partner organizations
  • Introducing students the typical business operations and challenges faced by non-profit organizations
  • Providing an opportunity for student bonding, as sections rally around their cause and contribute to their respective partner organizations through involvement and fundraising activities.

The Impact Challenge adds value to partnering non-profit organizations by:

  • Creating a platform for partner organizations to promote awareness of their respective causes
  • Providing a group of bright, enthusiastic students who will host a minimum of three events or fundraisers in collaboration with their partner organization over the academic year
  • Increasing on-campus exposure of the partner organizations and the services they offer to the community

Non-Profit Participants

Selection Criteria

Ideal partner organizations for the Impact Challenge have the following characteristics:

  • Are locally- based or have a branch operating in the Greater London Area
  • An Executive Director willing to provide information about their organization to Ivey students at the project launch project wrap-up and willing to liaise regularly with their Ivey Connects Section Representative throughout the year
  • Have a minimum of 3 opportunities for Ivey students to coordinate events and fundraisers

The Role of Participating Organizations

Organizations participating in the Impact Challenge are expected to provide minimum of 3 clear opportunities for HBA1 students in their partner section to coordinate volunteer or fundraising activities. Additionally, a contact person within your organization must be available to regularly liaise with the HBA1 Section Representative coordinating the project. This ensures that students are supported throughout the project and have access to the information they need to plan events and fundraisers for their partner organization.