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Canadian Business Frontiers

November 09, 2018, 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Globe and Mail Centre - 351 King Street East - Level 17 Toronto, ON M5A 0N1

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For the first time, Ivey Business School will convene Canada’s top leaders across finance, energy, health and government sectors to discuss the impact of technology disruption on Canadians in an interactive one-day session. Technology does not exist in isolation and this cross-sector dialogue is needed to ensure positive change and sustainable outcomes for the benefit of our society.

As leaders in business and government, we must break down industry silos and determine how technology will become a positive force for society across all sectors. Please join us to help ensure that all Canadians benefit from technology, regardless of sector.

Highlights include featured talks from world-class leaders, award-winning faculty and networking opportunities with some of Canada’s best. Join the cross-sectoral conversation to help guide technology towards positive outcomes for society.

For full event details, go to Canadian Business Frontiers. Tickets are limited, so register now to be part of this important dialogue.


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