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Canadian Business Frontiers

November 09, 2018

Globe and Mail Centre - 351 King Street East - Level 17 Toronto, ON M5A 0N1

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The world has never stood still. But lately, it can feel like disruption is the new normal. What if we could build businesses and organizations that survive these pressures—and even emerge stronger for them? What if it were possible to find new solutions by exploring the tensions across business, technology and society?

The Canadian Business Frontiers will convene thought leaders from research, business, and the public sector along with some of Canada’s most talented students to understand the impact of disruptions on the fabric of Canada’s society, environment, and economy.


This first-of-its-kind event brings together world-class speakers with award-winning faculty from the Ivey Business School to focus three key issues touching virtually every Canadian business: data and trust, healthcare, and low-carbon energy. Through the course of this day, you will explore three industry case studies to broaden your perspective and equip you with tools to create more effective organizations in an age of disruption.



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