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Sharon Irwin-Foulon | New survey identifies the sweet spot of skills sought by employers

May 15, 2015

outstanding performance

Ivey’s strong standing in Bloomberg Businessweek’s recent recruiter report was highlighted in The Globe and Mail.

Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed 1,320 recruiters from more than 600 companies around the world who regularly recruit MBA students and ranked 122 of the top international business schools based on how well their students meet the needs of the market. The report showed Ivey’s MBA graduates ranked first in leadership skills, strategic thinking, collaboration and communications skills, which are the hard-to-find and most sought-after skills by recruiters.

Sharon Irwin-Foulon, Executive Director of Career Management and Corporate Recruiting, said Ivey’s impressive standing affirms the School’s strategy.

“Recruiters keep coming back because it is a good product,” she said.