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Andreas Schotter | Taking business strategy to the max

  • The Globe and Mail
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  • Apr 11, 2017
Andreas Schotter | Taking business strategy to the max

For the past 50 years, Canadian film technology company Imax has elevated the movie watching experience to new heights. With more than 1,000 theatres around the world in 66 countries, the firm has become a global leader.

While Imax's iconic giant screens remain cutting edge, Assistant Professor Andreas Schotter explains to The Globe and Mail how a series of key strategic business moves kept the company at the top of its game.  

“Both the technology vision that started off the company, and also the vision to leverage partnerships and then to expand, has been impressive," says Schotter.

He applauds Imax for engaging with the movie industries in countries such as India and China. “I see this as a role model for agility versus complacency, by not relying purely on the North-South relationship, and also to dynamically change," he says.