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Before and After the Ivey MBA with Lu Li

Mar 12, 2014

Lu -Li

We profiled Lu Li just as he was starting his MBA in April 2013. As the term comes to an end, almost one year later, he reflects on his Ivey experience.

APRIL 2013:

Why are you studying your MBA at Ivey?

Lu Li came to Ivey following a military tour in Afghanistan, giving him a unique perspective on business challenges in the MBA classroom. He attended Royal Military College in Kingston and served in Canada’s military for nine years before making the decision to transition into business.

“I wanted to continue to serve Canada, but through business,” explained Li.

Following his military tour and his last military post in Toronto, close to his hometown of Mississauga, Li knew he wanted to contribute to positive change in Canada through business.

Business experience?  “Absolutely none,” He said.

While that may be true on paper, Li’s unique career path in his near-decade with the Canadian military has led to rapid development in areas such as leadership, communication, and effective teamwork. Though Li was eager to learn from his classmates in areas like finance and economics, he recognized the distinct skill-set that he could share with his peers.

MARCH 2014:

How has Ivey changed you?

“Now that I am at the end of my year at Ivey, I reflect on how I changed. The first couple of months were largely the euphoria typical of being in a new place with new people (not much different from a new military posting and certainly familiar ground).

“The stretch that followed from the summer to late fall was the fast-paced nature of campus recruiting. It was then that I began to feel the distance from my past as a soldier – the realization that this was not another posting, but a transition to a new way of life!

“The winter months were filled with classes and, thankfully, a holiday break in the middle. I was able to better see where I would like to end up at the end of my transition.

“Now, at the end, I am putting the pieces together. I have no doubt that I have picked up an incredible package of business skills at Ivey. I look forward to using them, together with my past experiences, to find my place in business!”

- Lu Li, MBA 2014

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