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Impressive ideas win MSc Case Competition

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  • Oct 12, 2018
Impressive ideas win MSc Case Competition

The winning MSc student team

Ten months into the program, MSc students had the chance to apply what they’ve learned and hone their business knowledge, analytical skills, and insight creation skills.

The fourth annual MSc Case Competition took place on October 10 and 11, with MSc students participating from both the Business Analytics and International Business streams, as well as visiting CEMS exchange students. All teams included students from each cohort, showcasing the diverse perspectives and experiences across the MSc Program.

Students analyzed and presented recommendations on two cases during the competition: One focused on strategic marketing and the ordering process for an online grocer; and the other on global strategy and the impact of currency shifts on international firms.

For both cases, students had just five hours to prepare before presenting their recommendations to faculty, staff, and alumni. Three teams advanced to the final round, and were judged by a panel of faculty and alumni.


Team 6 - Camilla Cimatti, Sukhman Dulay, Julie Johnsen, Alexandra Matovic, Caroline Wei, and Jeremy Xu


Team 1 - William Brochu, Arnaud Dubois, Miranda Ma, Mitch Peerless, Yibo Wang, and Zhou Xin

Team 14 - Sai Ananth, Devon Bekker, Jack Hidi, Kieran Joyce, Paulina Roczniak, and Victoria Ulubabian