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MSc in Management
International Business

Ivey's MSc in International Business develops a cross-cultural aptitude to better lead in an international environment while opening up international career opportunities. Our 16-month program begins each January.

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MSc in Management
International Business

Ivey's MSc in International Business develops a cross-cultural aptitude to better lead in an international environment while opening up international career opportunities.

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The MSc in International Business will immerse you in the some of the most culturally and internationally diverse classes at Ivey, with incoming exchange students from around the world to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills in international management.

At the end of the Ivey MSc Program, you are prepared to move into international business careers where independent research skills and thought leadership are valued careers in consulting, policy and research in a limitless range of industries. In this option, students will spend their in-class time studying at Ivey.

Program Curriculum

When you decide to apply to the Ivey MSc in Management, International Business, you will choose between two different options:


Ivey Essentials + Core Courses

Ivey Essentials

This course focuses on business essentials:  Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy. Students will be introduced to Ivey’s high engagement case-based learning methodology. The course is designed to aid students in understanding materials for their courses throughout the program.

Some of the key learning outcomes include:

  • Accounting: recording and using of financial business transactions to inform and support decision-making.
  • Finance: analyzing of financial problems corporations face including managing exchange risk, calculating the cost of capital, capital budgeting, and taxation.
  • Leadership/Organizational Behavior: managing and participating effectively in teams by understanding the factors that lead to effective and ineffective team behavior.
  • Marketing: identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities.
  • Operations: identifying and understanding how effectively managing operations contribute to customer value.
  • Strategy: key concepts and tools in the context of competitive strategy; differences between corporate, competitive, and functional strategies.

Core Courses


Ivey Global Lab and Global Communications

Ivey Global Lab

Exclusively offered to MSc in International Business & CEMS-MIM students, the Ivey Global Lab (IGL) is an 8-week summer practicum that provides students with the opportunity to experience the business and cultural environment of a developing economy while working and interacting with local firms. Students engage is consulting style in-country, in-company experiences with partner organizations. In assigned teams, you will complete a practical work assignment for an assigned client. Students have worked on a number of projects for clients in India, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. These projects have ranged across several functional areas including; technology, marketing, microfinance and development, manufacturing and health care management.

Get a taste of the Global Lab experience.

IGL Placement Assignment: Students are guaranteed a placement for the IGL, however countries and projects are subject to change from year to year. While students may indicate preferences for a certain country and project, students are not guaranteed their preference of country or project. Placements are organized once a student is enrolled in the MSc program. The Ivey Global Lab is designed to fulfill the CEMS-MIM 8-week international internship requirement.


Core + Elective Courses

Core Course

Elective Courses

Choose three electives from:

Electives are available for all MSc streams unless otherwise noted. Course offerings are subject to change and will vary by term.


Core + Elective Courses

Core Course

Elective Courses

Choose two electives from the list of electives above.


NHH Dual Degree

The MSc-NHH allows you to split your time studying at Ivey and at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norway. At the end of the MSc-NHH experience, you graduate with an MSc in International Business from Ivey, and second masters degree from NHH in one of their own:

  • Economics
  • Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • New Business Development 
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Analytics (Minor)

The NHH portion of your MSc experience includes a mandatory research-based thesis. The MSc-NHH stream is an excellent option for students who do not meet the language requirements for the MSc-CEMS stream but wish to study and live abroad. In this option, you will spend Terms 3 and 4 studying at NHH. Visit the NHH website here.

NHH Application: Students apply to the Ivey & NHH Dual degree during their first term in the Ivey MSc program in International Business. Enrollment in the dual degree is contingent on acceptance by NHH and Ivey MSc Program Services. 

Why an MSc

The Ivey MSc addresses the need for a new brand of manager — experts who understand what defines a business best practice and can translate that knowledge into action.

Develop Knowledge and Skills

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work for a multinational firm.

Career Opportunities

Open up international career opportunities.

Cross-Cultural Aptitude

Develop a cross-cultural aptitude to better lead in an international environment.

Assess Your Fit

Find out if you meet the requirements for the Ivey MSc in Management.

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