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First Law Mobility wins Business 2257 competition

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  • Apr 2, 2018
First Law Mobility wins Business 2257 competition

First Law Mobility took home the first place prize at the annual Business 2257 Feasibility Study Competition, held at the Ivey Business School on March 22, 2018. Team members included Saksham Chaudhry, Teddy Kassa, Ryley Mehta, Melissa Shang, Teimur Siddiqui, Nick Wellner, and Jasmine Yang.

Business 2257 is a Western second-year business course designed to teach students decision-making skills. One of the course assignments challenges students to create a new venture and outline the details in a written report and an oral presentation.

The students’ winning idea was a company that produces a mobility aid for seniors, called the “Freelator,” to promote safe and comfortable exercise. The Freelator, a hybrid between a rollator (four-wheeled walker) and a baby walker, includes a harness to prevent users from falling if they let go or their legs give out. The idea is to empower elderly patients to reclaim their independence and exercise without the need for intense supervision.

Three finalists were selected from 252 teams and competed in front of a panel of judges after a preliminary and semi-final round.

The members of the two other finalist teams were:

  • Harleen Arora, Angela Du, Jack Henderson, Adam Matan, Jessica Myles, Harshil Naik, and Savitri Nariswari
  • Afif Bhimani, Sameeksha Tirikollur, Amanda Wu, John Yang, and Katie Zanatta        

The judging panel included:

  • Joel Adams, Founding Partner at Hacker Studios, Director of Engineering & Innovation at Erwin Hymer Group
  • Chris Sturby, Lecturer, Managerial Accounting & Control, Ivey Business School
  • Erica Willick, Founder of Sisters in Shape, Co-Founder of Gorgo Fitness Magazine and CEO at Callon Dietz Incorporated Ontario Land Surveyors

The First Law Mobility group members were awarded the Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Award.