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Pushing the boundaries

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  • Aug 23, 2018
Pushing the boundaries

This year's group of SLP students participated in a design thinking competition that involved consulting for the Grand Theatre and Budweiser Gardens in London.

For Austin Teshuba, the Ivey Summer Leadership Program (SLP) was a game changer, and amplified the importance of diversity in the classroom and other learning environments.

“When making decisions in a group, whether in a classroom or at a workplace, it’s easy to fall into group-think and arrive at a solution that might not consider all aspects of a situation,” he said.

A transformative journey

In 2017, Teshuba took part in the intensive 10-day enrichment program for high school students from around the world. This year, as a recent high school graduate, Teshuba returned as a SLP Junior Program Assistant, along with 42 high school student participants from across Ontario, BC, the U.S., U.K. and Russia.

“The program is unique because it focuses on business and leadership, and teaches students critical thinking, emotional intelligence, public speaking, and team management skills in a fun-filled manner,” he said. “I jumped at the opportunity to come back because I wanted to make the experience for these incoming students as transformative and developmental as it was for me.”

Up next

Despite receiving interest from other universities, Teshuba has chosen Western and Ivey as his post-secondary route. He currently has AEO status, striving for an HBA and Engineering dual degree

What students thought

Students in this year’s program had the opportunity to experience Ivey's case method and experiential learning. This included a trip to Canada's Wonderland where teams pitched problem-solving ideas, and a design thinking competition with the Grand Theatre and Budweiser Gardens in London.

Arjun Snider – Burlington, ON

The program helped me to improve my leadership abilities and grow as a leader. It was more challenging than I anticipated, but in a good way, as I was pushed to produce the best work I could within short timelines.

Flora Huang – Toronto, ON

This program was definitely challenging. It pushed me further than any school activity I’ve ever participated in. I was constantly out of my comfort zone but I wasn't scared. I knew everyone else was in the same boat as me, despite our different experience levels. Every person was unique and had a different take on an issue and this is what made group work and class discussions so interesting.