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From supply chains to cookies: The top-selling cases from Ivey faculty

Jul 18, 2019

Ivey Case Story

Ivey Publishing recently announced its top-selling cases for the year, and Ivey faculty were among the leaders, delivering key business lessons in cases that ranged from global supply chains and Starbucks to Pillsbury cookies.

Each academic year, Ivey Publishing recognizes the important work of all of its authors and celebrate the contributions they have made to case teaching and writing. Ranked based on unit sales, these best-selling cases have continuously engaged students and provided opportunities for instructors to deliver important concepts at leading business schools around the world.

Here are the Ivey faculty who were ranked in Ivey Publishing's top 20 best-selling cases:

Fraser Johnson:

Mary M. Crossan:

John S. Haywood-Farmer:

Craig Dunbar; Michael R. King:

Allison Johnson:

Derrick Neufeld:

"At Ivey Publishing, we are very proud to be associated with the faculty at Ivey and very appreciative of the quality of the cases they add to our case library,” said Glenn Rowe, Executive Director of Ivey Publishing. "Our Ivey-authored cases have a long tradition of academic rigour, quality and putting the student reader in the position of those making tough decisions in actual businesses."

Ivey Publishing also saw an increase in the number of international authors who are providing cases that feature companies and business situations from virtually every corner of the globe.

Ivey Publishing’s Top 20 Selling Business Cases – 2018-2019

  1. 9B17M092 - Amazon Go: Venturing into Traditional Retail
  2. 9B14D005 - Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply Chain
  3. 9B16M077 - Building a Backdoor to the iPhone: An Ethical Dilemma
  4. 9B16M040 - Apple and Its Suppliers: Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. 9B16M070 - Netflix: International Expansion
  6. 9B16C006 - Amazon as an Employer
  7. 9A98M006 - Starbucks
  8. 9B08M085 - Introductory Note on the Case Method
  9. 9B12N031 - Facebook, Inc.: The Initial Public Offering (A)
  10. 9B11A001 - Pillsbury Cookie Challenge
  11. 9B15C024 - Managing Up (A): Grace
  12. 9B12D010 - Half a Century of Supply Chain Management at Wal-Mart
  13. 9B11E001 - Keda’s SAP Implementation
  14. 9B08M014 - ECCO A/S - Global Value Chain Management
  15. 9B16A005 - Does Mattel's Iconic Barbie Doll Need a Makeover?
  16. 9B10M094 - Lego Group: An Outsourcing Journey
  17. 9B18A005 - Apple Watch: Managing Innovation Resistance
  18. 9B11C034 - A Zero Wage Increase Again?
  19. 9B14N024 - Time Value of Money: The Buy Versus Rent Decision
  20. 9B13E020 - WestJet Airlines: Information Technology Governance and Corporate Strategy

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