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New virtual site features Ivey's past and present

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  • Sep 12, 2019
New virtual site features Ivey's past and present

Left: Huron College, 1922. Right: Richard Ivey Building, 2013.

Introducing Ivey's Historic Collection

In 1922, Ivey Business School began in the basement of Western’s University College, a small part of the Faculty of Arts program. Today, Ivey takes its place on the global stage, standing as one of the world’s leading business schools.

Now you can walk through Ivey's history with a new virtual library that documents Ivey’s story over the last 97 years. 

From Dr. W. Sherwood Fox’s development of a new undergraduate course using Harvard University’s case method approach in 1919, to the grand opening of the new Ivey building in 2013, Ivey’s history comes to life with stories of our significant milestones and the people whose vision and leadership made them happen.

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Explore the history of Ivey's leadership

Spend time going through each section of our virtual history and experience the inspiring stories of leadership that continue to define the School today.

Establishing the First National School of Business (1919-1950)
A combination of avid supporters, skilled faculty, and innovative courses lays the foundations that lead towards the establishment of the first national school of business.

Expanding the School (1948-1969)
Discover how the School expanded through the implementation of new programs, methods, and the formation of new appointments. 

Becoming Ivey (1969-1995)
The School rapidly expands their recruiting network by connecting with key players whose contributions secure the School's reputation in Canada.

World-Class Expansion (1970-2000)
Moving to establish an international presence, the School begins to invest in research to further the field of business education as a whole.

Growing Impact (1998-2019)
As Ivey advances into the 21st century, the School makes strides in developing successful future leaders, pioneering meaningful research, and giving back to communities all around the world.

Campus Foundations
Ivey looks back on the places in which it has been housed, from humble beginnings in the basement of Huron College to the stunning Richard Ivey Building.

The Ivey Family
The Iveys have remained founders, benefactors, and advisers of the School for 65 years and counting. Their vision for excellence is tied to the School's identity.

School Leadership Evolution
The wonderful visionary leaders who have guided the School through nearly a century of rich history and continue to navigate its transformative milestones today.

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