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Ally@Ivey empowers students to become allies to underrepresented groups

Aug 20, 2020


HBA students at a past Art of Intersectionality event

Ivey has renewed its commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and will be focusing on substantial improvements in this area. There are many student organizations working to build a more inclusive community. Here’s a glance at how Ally@Ivey is helping students to advocate for equitable change.

What is Ally@Ivey?

Ally@Ivey is a student-led committee founded in 2016 that aims to make Ivey a more inclusive community through promoting diversity in all its forms and advocating for equitable change. The committee works to inspire HBA students to understand the societies in which they operate and contribute to positive change. Ally@Ivey provides educational resources to empower students to build collaborative communities, both in and out of the workplace, through embracing allyship.

Events for students

Ally@Ivey organizes a variety of events, including:

  • Guest speaker/panel events, such as a harassment roundtable, industry panel, and presentation on systematic biases. See examples here;
  • A coffee house event where students showcase songs, artwork, or other creative pieces;
  • A Valentine’s Day event called Share the Love that educates students about issues related to sexuality, gender, and other broad LGBT+ topics; and,
  • Section events. Each HBA1 section has an Ally@Ivey representative who hosts various section events, such as office hours for students to discuss issues/concerns, presentations about gender/sexuality within the section as well as other social events during stressful times of the year.

Learn more

Visit the website or contact Ally@Ivey by email.

Students should speak to Ally@Ivey for various reasons. These include if they have ideas/initiatives that they believe will help Ivey become a more welcoming environment, if they need help or guidance in navigating issues or concerns they are experiencing, or if they need someone to advocate for their needs or provide them with support. Ally@Ivey can also help if you would like resources related to diverse groups or diversity and inclusion more broadly.”

– Matt Pereira and Barry Kelterborn, both HBA ’21, Student Leads, Ally@Ivey