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Business analytics students tackle real-world data challenge

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  • Apr 14, 2022
Business analytics students tackle real-world data challenge

The winning team with finalist judges (l-r) Jayshree Bhargava, Hanqing Yang, Ruqayyah Shabbir, Keenan Hossack, Pizant Sarkissian, Tiffany Bayley, Ali Elawad, James Berry, Michael Bonnick, Mark Morreale

These days, data collection and analysis are paramount to a business’ strategy.

In the sixth annual MSc Hack the Case competition, students in Ivey’s MSc Business Analytics stream had the opportunity to analyze loyalty program data to recommend acquisition and cross-selling strategies.

The competition was held virtually from April 4 – 14, 2022 and was sponsored by Deloitte, SAS, Scotiabank, and Centre for Advanced Computing.

In addition to working with real-world data, students participated in a training program on the SAS software and benefitted from having dedicated mentors from Deloitte and SAS.

Congratulations to Team 12 "SAS-y Hackers" for winning the 2022 Hack the Case competition! Team members included:

  • Jayshree Bhargava
  • Keenan Hossack
  • Pizant Sarkissian
  • Ruqayyah Shabbir
  • Hanqing Yang

Thank you to the judges:

  • Deloitte: Ali Elawad, Ishmam Hasan, HBA ’16, Tarek Ibrahim, and Karim Waljee
  • SAS: Cristina Anton, James Berry, Andre Lafreniere, and Ron Yee
  • Scotiabank: Alia Alam, Michael Bonnick, Jing Cai, and Himesh Samji
  • Ivey Business School: Tiffany Bayley, Kyle Maclean, HBA ’12, PhD ’17, Yang Li, and John Wilson

Thank you to the mentors:

  • Deloitte: Michael Bradshaw, MSc ’21, Rachael DiMenna, HBA ’18, Priyanka Goyal, Larissa Lalonde, HBA ’20, Sam Mallabone, Ella Neiles, Afshin Nensi, MSc ’19, Jaclyn Sucharda, Michael Wickware, HBA ’20, and Phillip Yang
  • SAS: Amy Danter, Danny Sprukulis, Simon Sun, and Pat Valente