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Kyle Maclean

Assistant Professor, Management Science

Kyle Maclean

Contact Information


  • Revenue Management
  • Live Entertainment Analytics
  • Mathematical Social Influences

Research Publications

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Kyle is an Assistant Professor at the Ivey Business School. Kyle’s research focuses on how to apply Revenue Management techniques to the live entertainment industry. His research asks how entertainment products become a success and how to engage in operational allocation and pricing decisions. His work has been presented at numerous conferences, including the Institute for Operational Research and Management Sciences and at the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Prior to joining Ivey, Kyle was a Workflow Consultant at Thomson Reuters, where he provided VBA solutions to reduce labor and improve work quality, resulting in man hours saved as well as increased responsiveness to clients.


  • Data Management in Excel
  • End User Modeling
  • Revenue Management
  • Sports and Entertainment Analytics

Programs Taught

  • HBA


  • HBA Ivey, 2012
  • PhD Ivey, 2017

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Maclean, K.; Odegaard, F., 2020, "Dynamic Capacity Allocation for Group Bookings in Live Entertainment", European Journal of Operational Research, December 287(3): 975 - 988.
  • van de Geer, R.; V. den Boer, A.; Bayliss, C.; Currie, C.; Ellina, A.; Esders, M.; Haensel, A.; Lei, X.; Maclean, K.; Martinez-Sykora, A., et al., 2019, "Dynamic Pricing and Learning with Competition: Insights from the Dynamic Pricing Challenge at the 2017 INFORMS RM & Pricing Conference", Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, June 18(3): 185 - 203.
  • Maclean, K.; Wilson, J. G.; Krishnamoorthy, S., 2017, "Pricing of excess inventory on Groupon", International Journal of Revenue Management, May 10(1): 52 - 74.

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  • Workflow Consultant, Thomson Reuters