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Ivey Finance Club prepares MBA students for successful careers

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  • May 9, 2022
Ivey Finance Club prepares MBA students for successful careers

Some of Ivey Finance Club's 2022 members.

The Ivey MBA Finance Club is a long-standing part of the Ivey MBA program. Many students looking to complete their MBA have aspirations to build a career in consulting or finance. Organized as a career club, its primary focus is on recruitment activities to ensure that Ivey MBAs are well-equipped to be top candidates in the recruiting process.

What is the Ivey Finance Club?

The Ivey Finance Club supports its members in their pursuit of a career in finance and capital markets. To do this, the club focuses on developing programs that enhance the knowledge and networks of its members.

The club acts as a critical intermediary between Ivey Career Management and its student members, offering technical training activities and facilitating networking events to allow students to be prepared for finance recruiting and further immerse themselves in the Ivey network.

Events for students

Throughout the year, the Ivey Finance Club hosts a variety of events and workshops:

  • Alumni panels;
  • Financial modelling workshops;
  • Interview preparation workshops and one-on-one sessions;
  • Stock pitch/investment socials; and,
  • Networking and knowledge-sharing dinners.

Why did you get involved with the Ivey Finance Club

  • David Booth, Co-President: Prior to my MBA, I spent about half a decade in financial services. Coming to the MBA, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in capital markets upon graduation and had developed a robust network of finance professionals in Toronto. As I started to meet more of my peers in the MBA program, I realized that my technical knowledge and network were strong assets that could be best shared through an executive position in the finance club. It has been an amazing experience to work more intimately with my club members to help them hone their technical knowledge, expand their networks, and break into a great career in finance upon graduation.
  • Asad Shabbir, Co-President: Being an executive for the Finance Club was driven by a passion for helping people. As someone who has been working in the finance industry since I graduated from my undergrad, I have seen a lot of different strategic business units under the finance umbrella. My goal for the year was to help as many of our club members as possible learn more about different areas of the industry, whether that be for recruiting purposes or pure curiosity about a certain topic or area. Alongside that, our goal is to help promote Ivey’s brand in the finance sector in Canada, helping to connect talented individuals with top-tier companies.
  • Devyn Pope, Vice President: As someone who previously worked in the finance space, I became an executive for the Ivey Finance Club to try and bring a holistic view of the emerging trends of finance. Understanding that the Canadian finance landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of years, it's important to have a good pulse on the market for a sound career decision-making process.

Currently, there are 80 members in the finance club who are all interested in learning more about finance, improving their technical skills, and/or desire to gain insights from club events.

Within the Finance Club exists a sub-segment of approximately 30 people who are specifically pursuing a career in capital markets like investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, private equity, or corporate development.

What’s next?

Moving forward, the Finance Club looks to continue to strengthen the Ivey finance network at the MBA level and create more opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with alumni. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing members to be the best candidates in the interview process. All the club members are very supportive of each other so when one individual finds success, there is quite a unanimous sense of pride amongst the club. After many individuals land their roles, they dedicate time to preparing others to do the same – very much a pay-it-forward approach. The club hopes that previous members will continue to be involved after graduation.