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BCG Case Competition gives HBA1s the consultant experience

Oct 28, 2022

BCGCC22 Winningteam

2022 BCG Case Competition Winners: Team 1, Section 8

Taking classroom learnings and putting them into practice in real-world situations is a major part of the Ivey student experience. While students do this every day using the case method, the annual Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Case Competition is one of the HBA1s’ first opportunities to showcase how far they’ve come in only a few weeks.

Ivey HBA1 students participated in the 27th Annual BCG Case Competition on October 25-28, 2022. The competition, which is part of the Learning Through Action course, challenges students to analyze three cases in three days and present their recommendations to a variety of judges including Ivey faculty, alumni, and BCG representatives.

For the 2022 edition, students analyzed cases that involved redesigning a food service business’ store, examining inclusion at Ivey and in the workplace, and strategizing for a social enterprise facing fundraising challenges.

Congratulations to all HBA1s on successfully completing the BCG Case Competition and thank you to BCG for its continued support of this event.

Congratulations to the winners

First place: (Team 1, Section 8) Adam Dorget, Zachary Erdman, Boris Lam, Louisa Li, Bill Shi, Rubaina Singla, Tiffany Too, and Laura Zhao.

Second place: (Team 6, Section 1) Ali Belanger, Ariana Ghavami, Owen Hollohan, Eric Li, Derek Liu, Sharon Peng, Marcus Wong, and Muska Zamani.

Third place: (Team 10, Section 10) Arooba Amir, Arlo Coleman-Shapiro, Lauren Fong, Jing Duo Gao, Noah Habib, Deven Hansraj, Hannah Riggins, and Maya Wolfman.

Thank you to the guests

Guest judges: Eric Cabral, HBA ’15; Salim Chahbar; Lucas Cicchelli, MSc ’22; Martin Eidenberg, HBA ’16; Sasha Gerster, MBA ’17; Joe Gilvesy, HBA '19, MSc ’21; Trishul Jotangia, HBA ’09; Bruce Lamb, HBA ’85; Tory Lamb, HBA ’14; Kathryn McIntosh, MBA ’14; Ethan Milne, HBA ’20; Jessica Orchin, HBA ’20; Isaac Rigby, HBA ’22; Morgan Rosenberg, HBA ’15; Esther Thorne, HBA ’20; Emmanuel Ukposidolo, MBA ’20; and Soomy Zimmo, HBA ’18.

BCG round-three judges: Scotty Andrade, HBA ’22; Omri Chazot, HBA ’20; Max Debow Krawitz; Fiona Hamilton; Brock Lumbard, HBA ’20; Matt Pereira, HBA ’21; Marwan Yousif, HBA ’21; Zoe Yang, HBA ’20; Katie Yao, HBA ’21; and Hui Wen Zheng.

BCG final round judges: James Boudreau, HBA ’15; Charlotte MacDonald; and Matt Nesvadba, HBA ’15.

BCG kick-off event speaker: Zach Hamel, HBA ’16.