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Meet Michelle Turmurchdur, Ivey PhD candidate

May 31, 2023

Michelle Tumurchudur

Ivey’s PhD Program in Business Administration is a full-time program that develops students and places graduates at high-quality research universities. Ivey PhD candidates are showcased at conferences around the world and regularly featured in renowned academic and industry publications.

To get to know them better, we’ve asked them a few questions to learn about their personal and academic interests.

Q&A With Michelle Turmurchdur, PhD Candidate

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After finishing high school, I did my bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China. In 2017, I had the privilege of being granted the Fulbright Scholarship to do my MBA at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Before joining Ivey, I worked as a management consultant at PwC.

What attracted you to Ivey’s program?

Ivey has top scholars in entrepreneurship, such as professors Simon Parker and Janice Byrne, which is why I decided to join the program.

What is your research focus?

My research is focused on women’s entrepreneurship.

Why is that area appealing to you? What big problems/issues need to be addressed?

I had the opportunity to work on several projects focused on female entrepreneurs in Mongolia. It was absolutely fascinating to see many women making great strides as entrepreneurs. At the same time, it was also heartbreaking to see many not quite fulfilling their business goals due to financial and other hardships. It was very interesting to me why some women succeeded while others did not. Not only do childcare and household duties hold women back, but there are also gender stereotypes and discrimination specific to female entrepreneurs. I plan to study this phenomenon so that better policy decisions can be made to help female-founded businesses grow and succeed.

Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

I grew up in Ulaanbaatar, where the weather is harsh and unpredictable. The winter in London, Ontario, is similar to the kind of winter we get back home, so it did not take much time for me to adjust. Summertime is usually quite nice and not as humid as in London, so for anyone planning a trip to Mongolia, mid-July is the time to go.

Who have been your strongest influences in life?

My strongest influence in life has definitely been my mom. From a young age, she taught me the values of hard work, patience, and humility. I would not be where I am today without her love and support.

What is the most played song on your playlist as of now?

I don’t stick to any particular playlist for too long. The kind of music I listen to depends on the day’s mood. I listen to salsa music and love artists such as Marc Anthony, Maluma, Queen, and Lady Gaga etc.

What is your best podcast recommendation?

Wondery is an awesome podcast platform with just about anything you want. The top stations I have in my library are Business Wars, American Scandal, Meditations for the Day, and Ten Percent Happier.

What book would you recommend to others? Why?

I recommend The Chancellor: The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel by Kati Marton. It is an amazing read as you learn not only about the first female chancellor of Germany, but also about world history, and geopolitics.



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