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Business Foundations Courses

Ivey’s Business Foundations courses are available to all full-time and part-time university students from all faculties at Western. These courses are designed to appeal to students who are interested in learning about business and/or students who intend to apply to Ivey’s HBA program after their first two years of university.

Ivey’s Business Foundations Department offers four courses: Business 1220E––Introduction to Business, Business 2257––Accounting and Business Analysis, Business 2299E––Business for Engineers, and Business 2295F––Business for Science Students. Business 1220E is a survey business course for first-year students. Both Business 1220E and Business 2257 are full-year courses and are compulsory courses for other degree programs at Western. Business 2257 is a prerequisite to the HBA Program at Ivey and qualifies as a required course for the CPA designation. Business 2299 is a compulsory full-year business course for all fourth-year engineering students and Business 2295F is an elective half-year course for third- and fourth-year science students.

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