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Company Overview

• In your description, please explain (1) the industry in which the organization / company operates; (2) the value proposition including some information about how it differentiates itself from its competitors; (3) and key threats and opportunities the organization / company is likely to face in the next 2 to 5 years; and (4) the impact your organization has on customers, clients, funders, beneficiaries, etc.

• Your organization, like most, faces different challenges and opportunities; not all of these are strategic. IFP Projects must allow students to work on strategic projects, i.e. projects that deal with issues that directly influence the organization’s bottom line (financial/non-financial). The projects that meet the bar, must (1) allow students to evaluate different options, (2) make a recommendation to the organization about what decision they should make and how that decision will add value, (3) and provide the organization with an implementation plan to realize that value. Please describe your strategic issue accordingly.

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