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Tips for Posting Job Descriptions

  1. Have a compelling title that reflects the accountabilities of the position - no internal job numbers or reference codes required.
  2. Take advantage of the corporate overview. Highlight key features of company culture and management style that will demonstrate your unique work environment.
  3. By outlining the skills and traits needed for success in the position, candidates will be better able to package a relevant application. Focus on the top 3-5 necessary skills and traits.
  4. Most candidates don’t apply for jobs, but for a career. Outline potential career progression!
  5. Tell the candidate why they want to work for you by highlighting how they can contribute and make an impact within the organization - make it compelling! How does this role fit in overall corporate goals?
  6. Be sure to indicate all the materials required for you to assess candidate quality. Typically, most candidates will submit a cover letter and resumé but if you require transcripts, a writing sample, or a case analysis, that should be specified in the posting.
  7. Include your deadline date and your preference of how you would like candidates to apply. Via email? Company website? Or, would you like Ivey Career Management to collect applications and send to you via a downloadable weblink?

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