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Invest in Ivey

Invest in Ivey

Throughout Ivey's history the School has formed partnerships with major corporations in Canada and all over the world. The generous support of our corporate partners has allowed us to remain at the forefront of business education by ensuring that our programs are current and relevant, and to prepare graduates for real-world business management and leadership. Investment in Ivey stimulates innovation, supports and encourages excellence in teaching, and funds insightful research.

The Corporate Investors' Program

The Corporate Investors' Program at the Ivey Business School forges an important link between industry and business education.

Contribution is split between investments in initiatives to meet your company's particular on-campus objectives, while the other half is invested in the School's academic programs of excellence.

The following areas benefit from the generosity of our corporate partners:

  • Speakers and panellists for extracurricular activities and the classroom
  • Research and case-writing that supports the Ivey learning experience
  • Student awards
  • Student and Alumni activities and events
  • Faculty incentives and awards

More Information

For more information on becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact:

Abby Baran
Associate Director
Corporate Relations, Advancement

Ivey Advancement Website