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Career Connections

Connecting with professionals to learn about industries of interest is an important part of an Ivey student journey – it helps them shape their career strategy and grow their network for life long professional development.

What is the Ivey Career Connections Program?

  • A formalized program that partners current Ivey students with Ivey alumni and industry professionals.
  • Students are able to research and explore industries, functions and geographic areas of interest while they build confidence, and expand their career network.
  • Participants are able to share their experience and expertise, and provide the guidance needed to make important career decisions – both post grad and beyond.

How Does it Work?

  • Participants create a profile which details their professional experience, and identifies the program(s) and number of students they are able to connect with.
  • Students custom search the participant database and request connections.
  • Once matched, students and participants receive a confirmation email from our team prompting them to schedule a time for a 45-minute Career Connection (virtually or in person).

What is the Program Timeline?

  • Ivey Career Connections will launch to students in mid January 2022.
  • Once students identify a participant of interest (based on their career interests and goals) and are matched, you will receive an email from our team connecting you to the student.
  • From there, the student will work with you directly to arrange a time to connect for a 45-minute connection meeting (in person or virtual).

What Can I Expect?

The student(s) that you connect with may be in various stages of professional development with respect to professional communication and career strategy. You will play a pivotal role in helping students develop their professional voice and communication style, and plan their career strategy. In addition, our students operate in the learning mindset, eager to gather information and obtain feedback on their professional presence and networking skills, so expect a lot of questions! Through participation in this program, we hope that you will share your experiences, perspectives and insight on how you gained the skills and qualifications to become successful in your field of work.

How Do I Participate?

Click here to complete your enrollment form. If you have a referral from your network, please don’t hesitate to share the link – everyone is welcome to participate!

Thank you for considering this important initiative! The Ivey Career Connections Program is a great way for you to help shape the next generation of Ivey leaders.

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