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Creating value for business and society, today and tomorrow.

About This Research Group

Sustainability creates the conditions so that organizations create value for business and society, today and tomorrow. The research ranges from issues of social entrepreneurship; corporate social responsibility; climate change; income inequality; and non-profits.

Faculty in this group tend to cross levels of analysis, incorporate temporal dimensions, and draw insights from diverse disciplines. Researchers in this group assume that social and environmental contexts matter to business.

The faculty in the Sustainability research group have published in the top journals in the management discipline, including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Management Science. The group looks to push the boundaries of organizational and strategy theories.  


Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Diane-Laure Arjaliès

Assistant Professor
Oana Branzei

Oana Branzei

Associate Professor
Robert D. Klassen

Robert D. Klassen

Professor,Deans' Office

Recent Publications

Jiang, M., Branzei, O., Xia, J., 2016, "DIY: How Internationalization Shifts the Locus of Indigenous Innovation for Chinese Firms", Journal of World Business, September 51(5): 662 - 674.

Huq, F.A., Chowdhury, I.N., Klassen, R.D., 2016, "Social Management Capabilities of Multinational Buying Firms and their Emerging Market Suppliers: An Exploratory Study of the Clothing Industry", Journal of Operations Management, September 46: 19 - 37.

Bansal, P., Ortiz-de-Mandojana, N. , 2016, "Building Organizational Resilience through Social And Environmental Practices", Strategic Management Journal, August 37(8): 1615 - 1631.