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Recent Publications

Jurewicz., Z.; Goode, M. R.; Thomson, M., 2024, "A tonic for the highly stressed: Memories of extraordinary group experiences lead to greater cohesion and well-being", Journal of Business Research, February 172: 114426 - 114426.
Moorhouse, M.; Goode, M. R.; Cotte, J.; Widney, J., 2023, "Helping Those That Hide: Anticipated Stigmatization Drives Concealment and a Destructive Cycle of Debt", Journal of Marketing Research, December 60(6): 1135 - 1153.
Hall, M.; Hyodo, J.; Kristofferson, K., (Forthcoming), "How Rejected Recommendations Shape Recommenders' Future Product Intentions", Journal of Consumer Psychology

Marketing is fundamentally concerned with the description and prediction of decision outcomes, involving all aspects of the firm that relates to its customers, competitors, distributors, and business regulators.

It is an interdisciplinary field that draws on theory and methodology from a wide variety of sources including psychology, sociology, mathematics, statistics and economics.

Jeff Biochuk 500X680

Jeff Boichuk

Assistant Professor
June Cotte

June Cotte


Niraj Dawar

Professor Emeritus

Rod Duclos

Associate Professor

Miranda R. Goode

Associate Professor

Kirk Kristofferson

Assistant Professor
Guneet Nagpal 500X680

Guneet Kaur Nagpal

Assistant Professor

Michael R. Pearce

Professor Emeritus
Rajaram, Prashant (500X680)

Prashant Rajaram

Assistant Professor

Matt Thomson

Adjunct Research Professor
mark vandenbosch.jpg

M. (Mark) Vandenbosch

Professor Emeritus

Xin (Shane) Wang

Adjunct Professor
Zhang, Mengxia (500X680)

Mengxia Zhang

Assistant Professor
Zhe Zhang 500X680

Zhe Zhang

Assistant Professor

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