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Management Science

Recent Publications

Begen, M. A.; Rodrigues, F. F.; Rice, T.; Zaric, G. S., (Forthcoming), "A Forecasting Tool for a Hospital to Plan Inbound Transfers of COVID-19 Patients from Other Regions", Bmc Public Health
Zacharias, C.; Liu, N.; Begen, M. A., 2024, "Dynamic Interday and Intraday Scheduling", Operations research, January 72(1): 317 - 335.
Begen, M. A.; Odegaard, F.; Sadeghi, J., (Forthcoming), "Intra-provincial benchmark analysis of COVID-19 in Canada", INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research: 1 - 42.

Management Science involves creating and using mathematical models to support management decision-making. The techniques of management science are now seen as an important strategic tool and management skill. According to Peter Bell, "knowledge of management science helps the manager to analyze decision situations, prevent problem situations from arising, identify new opportunities and often enables many millions of dollars to be added to the bottom line for the organization."

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Laurel Austin

Associate Professor

Tiffany Bayley

Assistant Professor

Mehmet A. Begen

Associate Professor

P.C. (Peter) Bell

Professor Emeritus
Chintapalli Prashant

Prashant Chintapalli

Assistant Professor

Lauren E. Cipriano

Associate Professor
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Aysajan Eziz

Assistant Professor

Bissan Ghaddar

Associate Professor
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Yang Li

Assistant Professor

Kyle Maclean

Assistant Professor

Joe Naoum-Sawaya

Associate Professor

Fredrik Odegaard

Associate Professor

Hubert Pun

Associate Professor
Mustafa Tongarlak

Mustafa (Hayri) Tongarlak

Associate Professor
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Nanxi Zhang

Assistant Professor

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