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Supporting women's equality is an economic imperative

Jul 21, 2017

The future is female

Vasie Papadopoulos often wears a shirt that states: "The future is female." It's a statement that she wants to see realized, especially when it comes to female education and economic equality.

It's not only a matter of social and political justice, writes the Executive MBA student (pictured left) in The Globe and Mail's EMBA Diary. It's an economic imperative.

"Reaching my educational potential, while completing my executive MBA, means I can lead on closing the gender gap, it means I can lead on breaking those glass ceilings, and it means I can be a force for economic and gender parity change," Papadopoulos writes.

"If every girl and woman had that opportunity, can you imagine what society could be? The future would definitely be female."

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