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Ivey's Women in Management club is empowering female leaders

Sep 10, 2020

Women in Management 2019 conference

WIM Annual Conference 2019: Unity

Ivey has renewed its commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and will be focusing on substantial improvements in this area. There are many student organizations working to build a more inclusive community. Here’s a glance at how the Ivey Women in Management (WIM) club is educating women about diverse career opportunities and inspiring them to pursue new, challenging career paths.

What is Ivey Women in Management?

Established in 2010, the Ivey Women in Management (WIM) club is one of the School’s largest student networks dedicated to creating an inclusive community through women-empowerment initiatives and promoting the conversation around gender equality in management. WIM supports students’ personal and professional development through educational sessions, workshops, and mentorship.

Events for students

The Ivey Women in Management club organizes a variety of events, including:

  • WIM Workshops on topics such as public speaking and resumé-building;
  • Firm-sponsored events, such as Boston Consulting Group x WIM: Diversity and Inclusion, TD x WIM: Financial Literacy, and an annual conference; and,
  • A mentorship program pairing HBA1 students with HBA2/3 mentors from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to build a network in the Ivey community and gain advice for academic and career development.

Learn more

Visit the website or connect with the club on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

The HBA program is often students' first time being in an intensive, career-focused environment. Our goal is to provide students with the support and network for their time in the HBA program and beyond by connecting them with WIM mentors, alumni, and partners to allow them to explore meaningful career paths from diverse industries.”

– Rachel Rothstein, HBA ’21 candidate, Co-President of Ivey Women in Management

My experience with WIM in my HBA1 year not only allowed me to explore different industries, but also meet women that I could identify with. I loved hearing about their career paths, challenges that they faced, and getting their advice. From my perspective, WIM is a great place for personal growth via learning from professionals and your peers.”

– Chantelle Wong, HBA ’21 candidate, Co-President of Ivey Women in Management