Congratulations to Ivey's fall Class of 2021

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  • Oct 22, 2021

Faced with a global pandemic and heightened focus on social and political issues, Ivey’s fall graduates from the MSc and Executive MBA programs learned valuable lessons about persevering in the face of uncertainty.

“We were able to apply our lessons to the real-world case study that was unfolding around us, and our education was only bettered because of it,” said Diana Kelly, EMBA ’21, valedictorian for the EMBA Class of 2021 winter section, speaking to graduates at the EMBA Graduation Celebration at the Hilton Toronto on October 22.

Isabella Valle, MSc ’21, echoed that sentiment in her valedictorian speech to MSc graduates at their virtual graduation celebration. Expecting real-world experiences from case studies, mock interviews, and role-playing, Valle said the world had other plans for the students.

“It catapulted us into real life and real challenges more quickly than we expected; encouraged us to better understand our strengths and shaped how we view the world around us,” she said. “Franklin Roosevelt once said, 'A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.' Whether we were ready or not, it was our job to navigate these uncharted territories head-on... Courage and growth are not cultivated in the absence of fear, but the facing of it.”

Putting pandemic lessons to work

Both valedictorians encouraged their classmates to use their new skills and learnings to make a positive impact on society.

“We have survived and thrived in an atmosphere of global uncertainty. This adversity has taught us about strength and agility, which will give added meaning and purpose to our lives,” said Valle. “I invite us to use our standing as International Business graduates to exercise our voice to make a positive impact on the communities and individuals we will touch."

Kelly encouraged fellow EMBAs to embrace the next phase of their careers with confidence because they have become leaders with the ability to change organizations, industries, and communities.

“We have changed, and so has the world. We are better prepared to deal with what’s out there because of what we learned here,” she said. “We’ll face new, complex challenges – but we’ll be armed with new, invaluable skills. Channel your Ivey education to think about problems in different ways, make novel connections, and present innovative solutions.”

Embracing ethical leadership

Their speeches came on the heels of the Ivey Pledge Ceremony where the graduates committed to principles of ethics and corporate social responsibility and to act in a manner that is inclusive of all individuals.

The graduates then moved into individual programs celebrations to acknowledge the award winners and hear the valedictorian addresses. The EMBA event included a dinner, while the MSc event included a presentation from Nicholas Gallaso, MSc ’12, Head of Tax, Wealthsimple.

The graduates also heard words of encouragement from Ivey Dean Sharon Hodgson. 

Watch her video message above. 

Awards and accolades

Congratulations to all of the award winners:

MSc Program

  • Dean’s Honour List: Nicole Baranowski, Kartik Grover, Bréa Latour, Zhu Meng, Christian Petrozza, Alex Salmon, and Mayuran Sivakumaran;
  • Ivey Scholar recipients: Charles Fabi Allaire and Alon Moha. 

EMBA Program

  • Gold Medal Winner: Fabricia Pineiro;
  • Dean’s Honour List: Sura Alshear, Michelle Bourque, Beatriz Carvajal Caballero, Gene Cabral, Jagroop Gill, Diana Kelly, Ryan Klue, Kevin Kuri, Mawnan Livesley-James, Farrukh Naveed, Fabricia Pineiro, and Shady Stasi; and,
  • Ivey Scholar recipients: Sura Alshear, Ryan Klue, Mawnan Livesley-James, Fabricia Pineiro, and Shady Stasi.

Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

MSc Program

  • International Business & CEMS Core Course Teaching Excellence Award: Klaus Meyer, Professor, International Business.

EMBA Program

  • Carol Stephenson Excellence in EMBA Teaching Award: Mary Gillett HBA ’82, MBA ’02, Faculty Director of the EMBA.