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Ivey Pledge Ceremony


The Ivey Alumni Network Board of Directors initiated the Ivey Pledge Ceremony to send a clear message to new graduates about their role and responsibility in preserving the strong collective reputation that has been earned since 1922. The Pledge serves to remind and encourage graduating students to be ethical leaders in their respective careers around the globe. Since the spring of 2004, more than 12,000 graduates have participated in the Pledge Ceremony, helping the School continue to build a strong, proud network of alumni.


Attend the Pledge

Each year graduates of an Ivey degree program are invited to participate in the Ivey Pledge Ceremony where they will recite the official pledge. Graduating students will be accompanied by fellow Ivey Alumni who will welcome them to the Ivey Alumni Network through this ceremonial event.

We are proud to see alumni who graduated before 2004 participate in the Pledge every year. If you graduated before 2004 and are interested in participating in the Pledge please contact  


Ivey Ring

The Ivey Ring symbolizes the transition of students to alumni, carrying all of the respect, obligations and responsibilities that come with the honour of joining the Ivey Alumni Network. Every graduate of an Ivey degree program will receive an individually numbered Ivey Ring after participating in the Ivey Pledge Ceremony.

The Ring is a gift from the Ivey Alumni Network Board of Directors, as the program is funded by four founding sponsors. Without their gracious support and the support of alumni, this program would not be possible.

  • Founding Sponsors
    • Info-Tech Research Group
    • Ivey Business School
    • Smith Company Commercial Real Estate
    • TD Bank Financial Group