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Welcome back HBA2s

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  • Sep 24, 2021
Welcome back HBA2s

Associate Professor Ann Frost teaching the HBA2 Negotiations course.

After a year of mixed-mode learning, Ivey’s HBA2 students were excited to return to the classroom as they began the second year of the program.

The HBA2 program kicked off with the Ivey Field Project, which was done virtually, then the students began in-person programming last week.

“We warmly welcome back our HBA2 and dual-degree students,” said HBA Program Faculty Director Mary Weil. “You’ll find that this year will offer more choices than your HBA1 year. You’ll have electives along with your required courses. You will have so many opportunities to grow. Allow yourself to be challenged and learn with all your heart.”

Here are a few stats about this year's HBA2 students.

HBA2s By the Numbers