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Welcome HBA Class of 2023

Sep 3, 2021

Mary Weil HBA O-Week Gala

Mary Weil welcomes students at the virtual HBA O-Week Gala.

The 624 students who are starting the HBA program were introduced to the Ivey experience with a week of fun-filled activities.

The program kicked off today with a virtual event called the HBA O-Week Gala, where the students met their classmates and sections and were welcomed by Ivey Dean Sharon Hodgson, HBA Program Faculty Director Mary Weil, and the Ivey Alumni Network.

“Trust the process. You’ll hear that more than once during your HBA1 journey,” said Weil. “There is a process to what you will experience this year. We ask for your trust that we have done this before. Trust that your amazing professors and the wonderful staff members that you will meet are here to support you along the way.”

During the next few days, the students will also participate in a variety of activities for O-Week that are designed to enable the students to get to know each other, build section spirit, and prepare for the year ahead.

“There is a safety net throughout your HBA1 year and the rest of your journey at Ivey,” said Weil. “This year will be rigorous and challenging, but the Ivey community is here to help you climb over any obstacles that you may encounter along the way.”

Ivey’s new HBA students come from a variety of backgrounds. Here’s a look at the HBA Class of 2023 by the numbers.

HBA Class of 2023 By the Numbers