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Two Ivey professors recognized as Western Faculty Scholars

Mar 18, 2022

Deishin Lee and Hubert Pun

Deishin Lee and Hubert Pun

Ivey’s Deishin Lee and Hubert Pun are among the 17 faculty members receiving this year’s Faculty Scholar Award from Western University for their outstanding teaching or research achievements. As recipients, they’ll hold the title of Faculty Scholar for two years and receive $7,000 each year towards scholarly activities as well as receiving a citation.

Established in 2005, the awards recognize mid-career faculty members with an international presence in their discipline who are considered all-round scholars.

Here’s a look at Ivey’s Faculty Scholar Award winners.

Deishin Lee 
Associate Professor, Operations Management & Sustainability

As COVID-19 continues to place unprecedented stresses on supply chains, particularly critical food supply chains, it’s more important than ever to explore ways to reshape supply chains for future resilience. Deishin Lee’s pioneering research looks at how innovative operational and supply chain models can use raw material resources more effectively to reduce waste and improve environmental sustainability. In recent years, this notion has been popularized as part of the “circular economy.”

Lee has an impressive publication record in top operations management journals and has attracted attention from academics, practitioners, and policy-makers. Many of her top research publications have been translated into classroom material that has been adopted by hundreds of schools worldwide.

Lee says the Faculty Scholar Award will further motivate her to continue to delve into research areas that can have a lasting impact on future generations. 

Hubert Pun
Associate Professor, Management Science

As blockchain revolutionizes financial services, there has been a race to develop the technology in an array of industries. Yet there is a shortage of research on the impact of these new blockchain applications, particularly their potential to address crucial problems involving trust in business.

Hubert Pun’s research traces the adoption of this technology across industries and sectors in real time, which is an important resource for scholars, policy-makers, and business practitioners and is already demonstrating global influence. His research on blockchain explores the wrongdoing that these technologies may prevent, and the good they can promote, in areas ranging from retail and luxury goods industries to protecting human rights for some of the most vulnerable populations. To date, he is the only researcher in his field to apply blockchain to operations management and to look at its ability to address supply chain issues.

In addition to publishing many research papers, Pun has shared his expertise through speaking engagements and a recent policy brief. He is also a founding advisor of The Blockchain Lab, a student-run community that aims to produce innovative blockchain applications and services.

Pun says the Faculty Scholar Award will allow him to further emerge as a global leader in the field of blockchain business application. 

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