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Funding and Internship Details

There are a number of funding programs that can assist your firm financially when it comes to hiring our students. We would be pleased to further discuss the funding available and how you can access the funding, contact us today –

Student Work Placement Program Funding

Through the federal Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), organizations within Canada that offer full-time employment opportunities between 12-16 weeks for full-time Canadian post-secondary students can receive wage subsidies.

There are a number of funding delivery partners depending on the industry that your organization is in. More information can be found here:

Mitacs Business Strategy Internship Program

This funding program allows small-medium businesses to hire a student for a four month full-time internship from May – August. With this funding program, there are no related employee costs as the student is paid through the university (ie: no vacation pay, WSIB coverage, etc.). The deadline to apply for this funding program and hire a candidate is late February – contact us if interested:

In partnership with Canadian academic institutions, Mitacs is pleased to offer the Business Strategy Internship (BSI). BSI is a four-month internship program designed to give students the opportunity to develop a strategic analysis for an organization to help restore or modify business operations in the new economic environment. Participating partner organizations will contribute $5,000 for a total award of $10,000 to be used towards a student stipend. Throughout the internship, Mitacs provides professional development opportunities to students through our e-Campus, EDGE.

The BSI program aims to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to apply business concepts and theories to real-world scenarios
  • Provide support to organizations that need additional assistance in modifying their business operations to adapt to the new economic reality
  • Build students’ skills in communication, problem solving, innovation, resilience, managing complexity, navigating change, business continuity planning, and allow them to apply their education through an experiential learning opportunity
  • Provide training and career opportunities for students by creating new connections with faculty, businesses, and communities
  • Encourage collaborations and strengthen connections between industry and academic institutions

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