Assistant Professor, Management Science

  • David G. Burgoyne Faculty Fellowship


Lauren Cipriano is an Assistant Professor in Management Science at the Ivey Business School.  Lauren's  research interests focus on the application of statistics, economics, operations research, and systems analysis to health policy problems.


  • Decision Making with Analytics, HBA core


  • B.Sc., Honors Biochemistry, Western University
  • HBA, Ivey Business School, Western University
  • M.S., Statistics, Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Management Science, Stanford University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Cerasuolo, J.O., Cipriano, L.E., Sposato, L.A., Kapral, M.K., Fang, J., Gill, S.S., Hackam, D.G., Hachinski, V., (forthcoming), "Population-based stroke and dementia incidence trends: Age and sex variations", Alzheimer's & Dementia.
  • Sposato, L.A., Ruiz Vargas, E., Riccio, P.M., Toledo, J.B., Trojanowski, J.Q., Kukull, W.A., Cipriano, L.E., Nucera, A., Whitehead, S.N., Hachinski, V., 2017, "Milder Alzheimer's disease pathology in heart failure and atrial fibrillation", Alzheimer's & Dementia, July 13(7): 770 - 777.
  • Lee, S.A., Sposato, L.A., Hachinski, V., Cipriano, L.E., 2017, "Cost-effectiveness of cerebrospinal biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease", Alzheimer's Research & Therapy, March 1(18).
  • Cerasuolo, J.O., Cipriano, L.E., Sposato, L.A., 2017, "The complexity of atrial fibrillation newly diagnosed after ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack: advances and uncertainties", Current Opinion in Neurology, February 30(1): 28 - 37.
  • Bahit, M.C., Coppola, M.L., Riccio, P.M., Cipriano, L.E., Roth, G.A., Lopes, R.D., Feigin, V.L., Borrego Guerrero, B., De Martino, M., Diaz, A., Ferrante, D., Funaro, F., Lavados, P., Lewin, M.L., Lopez, D.H., Macarrone, P., Marciello, R., Marino, D., Martens, C., Martinez, P., Odriozola, G., Rabinstein, A.A., Saposnik, G., Silva, D., Suasnabar, R., Truelsen, T., Uzcudun, A., Viviani, C.A., Sposato, L.A., 2016, "First-Ever Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack Incidence and 30-Day Case-Fatality Rates in a Population-Based Study in Argentina", Stroke, June 47(6): 1640 - 1642.
  • Joundi, R.A., Cipriano, L.E., Sposato, L.A., Saposnik, G., 2016, "Ischemic stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation and CHA2DS2-VASc score of 1: Systematic review and meta-analysis", Stroke, April 47(5): 1364 - 1367.
  • Sposato, L.A., Kapral, M.K., Fang, J., Gill, S.S., Hackam, D.G., Cipriano, L.E., Hachinski, V., 2015, "Declining incidence of stroke and dementia: Coincidence or prevention opportunity?", JAMA Neurology, December 72(12): 1529 - 1531.
  • Sposato, L.A., Cipriano, L.E., Riccio, P.M., Hachinski, V., Saposnik, G., 2015, "Very Short Paroxysms Account for More than Half of the Cases of Atrial Fibrillation detected after Stroke and TIA: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis", International Journal of Stroke, August 10(6): 801 - 807.
  • Sposato, L.A., Cipriano, L.E., Saposnik, G., Ruíz Vargas, E., Riccio, P.M., Hachinski, V., 2015, "Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation after stroke and transient ischaemic attack: a systematic review and meta-analysis", Lancet Neurology, April 14(4): 377 - 387.
  • Racosta, J.M., Sposato, L.A., Morrow, S.A., Cipriano, L.E., Kimpinski, K., Kremenchutzky, M., 2015, "Cardiovascular Autonomic Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis: A Meta-Analysis.", Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, March 4(2): 104 - 111.
  • Enns, E.A., Cipriano, L.E., Simons, C.T., Kong, C.Y., 2015, "Identifying Best-Fitting Inputs in Health-Economic Model Calibration: A Pareto Frontier Approach", Medical Decision Making, February 35(2): 170 - 182.
  • Simons, C.T., Cipriano, L.E., Shah, R.U., Garber, A.M., Owens, D.K., Hlatky, M.A., 2013, "Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Non-Surgical Candidates with Severe, Symptomatic Aortic Stenosis: a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis", Circulation-Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, July 6(4): 419 - 428.
  • Tramontano, A.C., Cipriano, L.E., Kong, C.Y., Shepard, J.O., Lanuti, M., Gazelle, G.S., McMahon, P.M., 2013, "Microsimulation modeling predicts a survival benefit after radiofrequency ablation and stereotactic body radiotherapy when compared to radiotherapy in the treatment of medically inoperable stage I non small cell lung cancer", American Journal of Roentgenology, May 200(5): 1020 - 1027.
  • Liu, S., Cipriano, L.E., Holodniy, M., Goldhaber-Fiebert, J.D., 2013, "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Risk-Factor Guided and Birth-Cohort Screening for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection in the United States", PLoS One, March 8(3): 1 - 14.
  • Cipriano, L.E., Zaric, G.S., Owens, D.K., Brandeau, M.L., 2012, "Cost Effectiveness of Screening for Acute HIV and HCV Infection in Injection Drug Users", PLoS One, September 7(9): 1 - 12.

Honours & Awards

  • Decision making in dynamic systems with strategic information acquisition” Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Seth Bonder Foundation Research Award, 2012
  • Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Award for outstanding presentations of research in Applied Health Economics, Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making, 2012
  • Course Assistant Award, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University, 2012
  • Seth Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services, INFORMS, 2011
  • Award for Outstanding Short Course, Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making, 2010, 2011
  • Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, Stanford University, 2011


  • Visiting Researcher, Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Institute (MTEI), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland (Spring 2012)
  • Research Scientist. Institute for Technology Assessment, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (2006-2008)
  • Queuing Project Manager, Ontario Joint Replacement Registry, London Health Sciences Centre, London, ON (2004-2006)