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Prashant Chintapalli

Assistant Professor, Management Science

Prashant Chintapalli

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Research Publications

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Prashant Chintapalli is an Assistant Professor at Ivey Business School

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Tang, C. S., 2022, "The Implications of Crop Minimum Support Price in the Presence of Myopic and Strategic Farmers", European Journal of Operational Research
  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Tang, C. S., (Forthcoming), "Crop Minimum Support Price versus Cost Subsidy: Farmer and Consumer Welfare", Production and Operations Management
  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Tang, C., 2021, "The Value and Cost of Crop Minimum Support Price: Farmer and Consumer Welfare and Implementation Cost", Management Science, October 67(11): 6839 - 6861.
  • Chintapalli, P. C., 2021, "Multi-Sourcing under Supply Uncertainty and Buyer’s Risk Aversion", EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, September 9: 100009 - 100009.
  • Caro, F.; Chintapalli, P. C.; Rajaram, K.; Tang, C. S., 2018, "Improving supplier compliance through joint and shared audits with collective penalty", M&SOM-Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, March 20(2): 363 - 380.
  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Disney, S. M.; Tang, C. S., 2017, "Coordinating Supply Chains via Advance-Order Discounts, Minimum Order Quantities, and Delegations", Production And Operations Management, December 26(12): 2175 - 2186.
  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Hazra, J., 2016, "Stocking and quality decisions for deteriorating perishable products under competition", Journal Of The Operational Research Society, April 67(4): 593 - 603.
  • Chintapalli, P. C., 2015, "Simultaneous pricing and inventory management of deteriorating perishable products", Annals Of Operations Research, June 229(1): 287 - 301.
  • Chintapalli, P. C.; Hazra, J., 2015, "Pricing and inventory management during new product introduction when shortage creates hype", Naval Research Logistics, June 62(4): 304 - 320.

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