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Robert D. Klassen

Professor, Operations Management & Sustainability

Faculty Scholar, Western University
Magna International Inc. Chair in Business Administration

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  • Environmental Management
  • Operations Strategy and International Operations
  • Process Improvement

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Robert is a Professor of Operations Management at Ivey Business School.

Robert's research interests focus on exploring the linkages between operations and the natural environment, including international operations. This research has emphasized, first, characterizing the pattern of investment in environmental technologies, and second, understanding both the antecedents and performance outcomes of these investments. His research has been published in Management Science, Journal of Operations Management, Academy of Management Journal, and Decision Sciences, among others. He is currently serving on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Operations Management. Robert was the Chair of the Operations Management division of the Academy of Management in 2001, and previously served as the Program Chair in 1999.

In addition to teaching the first-year operations management course in the MBA and EMBA programs, Robert has recently introduced a new course in Managing for Sustainable Development. He has also taught electives in the Developing and Managing Technology, Management of Services and Operations Strategy. He continues to actively develop new teaching materials, including over 20 cases and exercises in the area of operations strategy, process analysis, quality management and environmental management.


  • Operations Management, MBA and Executive MBA programs
  • Managing for Sustainable Development, MBA and undergraduate programs
  • Management of Technology, MBA and undergraduate programs


  • BASc, Chem Eng - University of Waterloo
  • MBA, University of Western Ontario
  • PhD, University of North Carolina

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Gualandris, J.; Klassen, R. D., 2018, "Delivering transformational change: aligning supply chains and stakeholders in non-profit organizations", Journal of Supply Chain Management, April 54(2): 34 - 48.
  • Shafiq, A.; Johnson, P. F.; Klassen, R. D.; Awaysheh, A., 2017, "Exploring the Implications of Supply Risk on Sustainability Performance", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, October 37(10): 1386 - 1407.
  • Lee, S. Y.; Klassen, R. D., 2016, "Firms’ Response to Climate Change: The Interplay of Business Uncertainty and Organizational Capabilities", Business Strategy and the Environment, December 25(8): 577 - 592.
  • Huq, F. A.; Chowdhury, I. N.; Klassen, R. D., 2016, "Social Management Capabilities of Multinational Buying Firms and their Emerging Market Suppliers: An Exploratory Study of the Clothing Industry", Journal of Operations Management, September 46: 19 - 37.
  • Tompa, E.; Robson, L.; Sarnocinska-Hart, A.; Klassen, R. D.; Shevchenko, A.; Sharma, S.; Hogg-Johnson, S.; Amick, B. C.; Johnston, D. A.; Veltri, A., et al., 2016, "Managing safety and operations: The effect of joint management system practices on safety and operational outcomes", Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, March 58(3): e80 - e89.
  • Galeazzo, A.; Klassen, R. D., 2015, "Organizational context and the implementation of environmental and social practices: What are the linkages to manufacturing strategy?", Journal of Cleaner Production, December 108(Part A): 158 - 168.
  • Gualandris, J.; Klassen, R. D.; Vachon, S.; Kalchschmidt, M., 2015, "Sustainable evaluation and verification in supply chains: Aligning and leveraging accountability to stakeholders", Journal of Operations Management, July 38: 1 - 13.
  • Pagell, M.; Klassen, R. D.; Johnston, A.; Shevchenko, A.; Sharma, S., 2015, "Are Safety and Operational Effectiveness Contradictory Requirements: The Roles of Routines and Relational Coordination", Journal of Operations Management, May 36: 1 - 14.
  • Power, D.; Klassen, R. D.; Kull, T.; Simpson, D., 2015, "Competitive Goals and Plant Investment in Environment and Safety Practices: Moderating Effect of National Culture", Decision Sciences, February 46(1): 63 - 100.
  • Lee, S. Y.; Park, J. S.; Klassen, R. D., 2015, "Market Responses to Firms' Voluntary Climate Change Information Disclosure and Carbon Communication", Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, January 22(1): 1 - 12.
  • Lee, S. Y.; Klassen, R. D.; Furlan, A.; Vinelli, A., 2014, "The Green Bullwhip Effect: Transferring Environmental Requirements Along a Supply Chain", International Journal of Production Economics, October 156: 39 - 51.
  • Shafiq, A.; Klassen, R. D.; Johnson, P. F.; Awaysheh, A., 2014, "Socially Responsible Practices: An Exploratory Study on Scale Development using Stakeholder Theory", Decision Sciences, August 45(4): 683 - 716.
  • Walker, P. H.; Seuring, S.; Sarkis, J.; Klassen, R. D., 2014, "Sustainable operations management: Recent trends and future directions", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, July 34(5).
  • Pagell, M.; Johnston, D.; Veltri, A.; Klassen, R. D.; Biehl, M., 2014, "Is safe production an oxymoron?", Production and Operations Management, July 23(7): 1161 - 1175.
  • Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S.; Klassen, R. D.; Gavronski, I., 2013, "Reprint of Lean management and supply management: Their role in green practices and performance", Journal of Cleaner Production, October 56: 86 - 93.

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Honours & Awards

  • Operations Management Distinguished Scholar Award, 2013, Academy of Management (Operations Management division).
  • Journal of Operations Management, 2012, “Top Cited Article 2007-2011” for Linton, J.D., R.D. Klassen and V. Jayaraman, “Sustainable Supply Chains: An Introduction,” 25(6), 1075-1082.
  • Wickham Skinner Teaching Achievement Award, 2009. Production and Operations Management Society.
  • Page Prize for Environmental Sustainability Curriculum, 2008. Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina.


  • Dofasco Inc., environmental engineer
  • Imperial Oil Ltd., technical services
  • Procter & Gamble Inc., product development

Research/Course Development

  • Sustainability (including both environmental and social issues) in operations management.
  • Green supply chains.
  • Developing and managing technology.
  • Ivey case writing: over 30 cases and notes.