Increasingly, we have noticed that graduates are breaking away from the "big company" mould to start their own companies or to work for a small to medium-sized entrepreneurial type of organization in anticipation of founding their own enterprise. They are young, professional, innovative and aggressive. They have that special combination of knowledge, talent, judgment and passion - an "entrepreneurial" spirit!

That entrepreneurial spirit is thriving at Ivey. In response to recent student demand, Ivey has developed several new courses in entrepreneurship that focus on how to finance and manage a rapidly-growing enterprise, how to market in today's environment of shortened product life cycles, and how to modify a business to compete effectively in today's digital economy.


Darren Meister

Associate Professor

Dominic Lim

Assistant Professor

Eric A. Morse


Lawrence Plummer

Assistant Professor

Matthew Wong

Adjunct Professor

Oana Branzei

Associate Professor
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J. Robert Mitchell

Adjunct Professor