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Davin Raiha

Adjunct Professor

Davin Raiha

Contact Information

Davin Raiha is an Adjunct Professor at the Ivey Business School.


  • B.Com (University of Toronto)
  • Ph.D (Stanford University)

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Raiha, D., 2018, "Economic Influence Activities", Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, October 27(4): 830 - 843.
  • Holburn, G. L. F.; Raiha, D., 2017, "Startups Are Turning Customers into Lobbyists", Harvard Business Review
  • Callander, S.; Raiha, D., 2017, "Durable Policy, Political Accountability, and Active Waste", Quarterly Journal of Political Science, May 12(1): 59 - 97.

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