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Kirk Kristofferson

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Director, Ivey Behavioural Research Lab
George and Mary Turnbull Faculty Fellowship

Kirk Kristofferson

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  • Social Influence
  • Impression Management
  • Persuasion
  • Prosocial Behaviour

Research Publications

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Kirk Kristofferson is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Ivey Business School. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. His research interests are centered on understanding the impact of social influence and persuasion in consumption contexts. Specifically, he studies the motivations and social factors that drive consumers to behave prosocially, and how impression-management desires can impact subsequent consumer choice. His research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal for the Association of Consumer Research, and the Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Psychology, and has been featured in numerous global media outlets such as Time Magazine, Harvard Business Review, the Washington Post.


  • PHD: Experimental Design
  • MBA Strategic Marketing (Marketing capstone course)
  • HBA2: Strategic Market Planning (Marketing capstone course)

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • MBA
  • PhD


  • Ph.D., Marketing – University of British Columbia
  • B. Comm. (Hons.) – University of Manitoba

Recent Refereed Articles

  • van der Sluis, H.; Samper, A.; Kristofferson, K.; Hlava, T., (Forthcoming), "How Do Physical Disability Cues Influence Assumptions about Consumer Tastes? Unpacking the Disability Preference Stereotype", Journal of Consumer Research
  • Hall, M.; Hyodo, J.; Kristofferson, K., (Forthcoming), "How Rejected Recommendations Shape Recommenders' Future Product Intentions", Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Cowan, K.; Ketron, S.; Kostyk, A.; Kristofferson, K., 2023, "Can you smell the (virtual) roses? The influence of olfactory cues in virtual reality on immersion and positive brand responses", Journal of Retailing, September 99(3): 385 - 399.
  • Kristofferson, K.; Dunn, L., 2023, "The Brand That Wasn't There: The Impact of Brand Displacement on Marketing Outcomes", Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science, May 51(3)
  • Kristofferson, K.; Daniels, M. E.; Morales, A. C., 2022, "Using virtual reality to increase charitable donations", Marketing Letters, March 33(1): 75 - 87.
  • Duclos, R.; Sepehri, A.; Kristofferson, K.; Vinoo, P.; Elahi, H., 2021, "The Power of Indirect Appeals in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Why “S/He” Can Raise More Money For Me Than “I” Can For Myself", Journal Of Consumer Psychology, July 31(3): 612 - 620.
  • Kristofferson, K.; Lamberton, C.; Dahl, D. W., 2018, "Can Brands Ever Squeeze Wine from Sour Grapes? The Importance of Self-Esteem in Understanding Envy’s Effects", Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, April 3(2): 229 - 239.
  • Kristofferson, K.; McFerran,, B.; Morales, A. C.; Dahl, D. W., 2017, "The Dark Side of Scarcity Promotions: How Exposure to Limited Quantity Promotions Can Induce Aggression", Journal of Consumer Research, February 43(5): 683 - 706.
  • Kristofferson, K.; White, K.; Peloza, J., 2014, "The Nature of Slacktivism: How the Social Observability of an Initial Act of Token Support Impacts Subsequent Prosocial Action", Journal of Consumer Research, April 40(6): 1149 - 1166.
  • Kristofferson, K., (Forthcoming), "Does Physical Disability Shape Inferred Preferences? The Role of the Disability Preference Stereotype", Journal of Consumer Research

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Honours & Awards

  • Ivey Research Merit Award, 2023 Winner & 2024 Winner
  • David G. Burgoyne Teaching Award, Ivey Business School 2023 Winner
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2022 Winner & 2023 Winner
  • Ivey Junior Faculty Fellowship, 2022 Winner
  • Ivey Early Career Impact Award, Ivey Business School, 2022 Winner.
  • Retributive Philanthropy,” SSHRC Explore Grant Awarded 2022 (Primary Investigator). CDN $6,800
  • Best Competitive Paper Award, Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, 2021 Runner Up.
  • “Decision-Making Laboratory”, John R. Evans Leaders Fund. Awarded 2020 (Co-Investigator). CDN $232,171.
  • “The Opportunities and Limitations of Virtual Reality in Charitable Appeals,”, SSHRC Insight Grant. Awarded 2019 (Primary Investigator). CDN $140,532.
  • “With Inclusion Comes Influence: The Psychological and Persuasive Consequences of Observable Disability in the Marketplace,”, SSHRC Explore Grant. Awarded 2019 (Primary Investigator). CDN $6,963.36.
  • Ivey Academic Impact Award, Ivey Business School, 2019 Winner.
  • Best Working Paper Award, Society for Consumer Psychology Conference, 2018
  • “Distinguishing the Types of Flow,” SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. Awarded 2017 (Co-Investigator), CDN $130,632.
  • John W. Teets Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, Arizona State University, 2016
  • “Positive Effects from Negative Virtual Experiences: How Virtual Reality Can Be Used Effectively in Marketing,” Marketing Science Institute. Awarded 2016 (Primary Investigator). USD $7,500.
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2014.


  • Marketing Manager, Navitas World, International College of Manitoba
  • Assistant Manager, National Marketing, Investors Group Financial Services

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