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Paul Boothe

Retired, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Paul Boothe

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  • Regulation
  • Public Sector Management
  • Government Budgeting and Accounting

Research Publications

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Paul Boothe was appointed Professor and Director of the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management at the Ivey Business School, Western University in September 2012. His career has included university research and teaching, acting as an independent consultant to Canadian and international organizations, and serving at the deputy minister level in provincial and federal governments. 

Dr. Boothe was trained in economics at Western (Hons BA) and UBC (PhD).  He was appointed to the faculty of the University of Alberta from 1984 to 2007.  He has authored more than 70 publications in the areas of macroeconomics, international finance, debt management and public finance.

Dr. Boothe's public sector career includes serving as the Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary to Treasury Board for Saskatchewan (1999-2001), Associate Deputy Minister of Finance and G7 Deputy for Canada (2004-2005), Senior Associate Deputy Minister of Industry (2007-2010) and Deputy Minister of the Environment (2010-2012).

Programs Taught

  • Executive Education


  • Honours BA (Western)
  • PhD (UBC)

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Boothe, P. M.; Kryvoruchko, I., 2004, "Do Federal Transfers Stabilize Regional Government Revenues? Evidence from Australia and Canada", Public Finance and Management, December 4(4): 480 - 495.
  • Pabst, H. F.; Boothe, P. M.; Carson, M. M., 1999, "A Comparison of Alternate Immunization Regimes for Measles in Vaccinated Populations", Vaccine, January 17(2): 182 - 192.
  • Barnett, R.; Grace, M.; Boothe, P. M.; Latozek, K.; Neal, C.; Legatt, D.; Finegan, B. A., 1999, "Flumazenil in drug overdose: randomized placebo controlled study to assess cost effectiveness", Critical Care Medicine, January 27(1): 78 - 81.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Finegan, B. A., 1995, "Changing the Admission Process of Elective Surgery: an Economic Analysis", Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, December 42(5): 391 - 394.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Reid, B. G., 1992, "Debt Management Objectives in a Small Open Economy", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, February 24(1): 43 - 60.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Harris, R., 1991, "The Economics of Constitutional Change: Dividing the Federal Debt", Canadian Public Policy, December 17(4): 434 - 444.
  • Boothe, P. M., 1991, "Interest Parity, Cointegration and the Term Structure in Canada and the United States", Canadian Journal of Economics, August 24(3): 595 - 603.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Reid, B. G., 1989, "Asset Returns and Government Budgets in a Small Open Economy", Journal of Monetary Economics, January 23(1): 65 - 77.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Poloz, S. S., 1988, "Unstable Money Demand and the Monetary Model of the Exchange Rate", Canadian Journal of Economics, November 21(4): 785 - 798.
  • Boothe, P. M., 1988, "Exchange Rate Risk and the Bid Ask Spread: A 7 Country Comparison", Economic Inquiry, July 26(3): 485 - 492.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Glassman, D., 1987, "The Statistical Distribution of Exchange Rates: Empirical Evidence and Economic Implications", Journal of International Economics, November 22(3-4): 297 - 319.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Glassman, D., 1987, "Off the Mark: Lessons for Exchange Rate Modelling", Oxford Economic Papers, September 39: 443 - 457.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Glassman, D., 1987, "Comparing Exchange Rate Forecasting Models: Accuracy versus Profitability", International Journal of Forecasting, January 3(1): 65 - 79.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Mackinnon, J. G., 1986, "A Specification Test for Models Estimated by GLS", Review of Economics and Statistics, November 68(4): 711 - 714.
  • Boothe, P. M.; Reid, B. G., 1986, "The Market Value and Maturity Structure of Government of Canada Debt: 1967-1983", Canadian Journal of Economics, August 19(3): 443 - 468.

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