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J. Robert Mitchell

Adjunct Research Professor, Entrepreneurship

J. Robert Mitchell

Contact Information

J. Robert (Rob) Mitchell, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Research Professor at Ivey.


  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Business
  • Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Suddaby, R.; Israelsen, T.; Mitchell, J. R.; Lim, D. S. K., 2023, "Entrepreneurial Visions as Rhetorical History: A Diegetic Narrative Model of Stakeholder Enrollment", Academy Of Management Review, April 48(2): 220 - 243.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Mitchell, R. K.; Hunt, R. A.; Townsend, D. M.; Lee, J. H., 2022, "Stakeholder engagement, knowledge problems and ethical dilemmas", Journal of Business Ethics, January 175: 75 - 94.
  • Cacciotti, G.; Hayton, J. C.; Mitchell, J. R.; Allen, D. G., 2020, "Entrepreneurial fear of failure: Scale development and validation", Journal of Business Venturing, September 35(5)
  • Cacciotti, G.; Hayton, J. C.; Mitchell, J. R.; Giazitzoglu, A., 2016, "A reconceptualization of fear of failure in entrepreneurship", Journal of Business Venturing, May 31(3): 302 - 325.
  • Randolph-Seng, B.; Mitchell, R. K.; Vahidnia, H.; Mitchell, J. R.; Chen, S.; Statzer, J., 2015, "The microfoundations of entrepreneurial cognition research: Toward an integrative approach", Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship, December 11(4): 207 - 335.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Shepherd, D. A., 2012, "Capability development and decision incongruence in strategic opportunity pursuit", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, December 6(4): 355 - 381.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Shepherd, D. A.; Sharfman, M. P., 2011, "Erratic Strategic Decisions: When and Why Managers Are Inconsistent in Strategic Decision Making", Strategic Management Journal, May 32(7): 683 - 704.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Shepherd, D. A., 2010, "To Thine Own Self Be True: Images of Self, Images of Opportunity, and Entrepreneurial Action", Journal of Business Venturing, January 25(1): 138 - 154.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Hart, T. A.; Valcea, S.; Townsend, D. M., 2009, "Becoming the Boss: Discretion and Post-Succession Success in Family Firms", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, November 33(6): 1201 - 1218.
  • Smith, J. B.; Mitchell, J. R.; Mitchell, R. K., 2009, "Entrepreneurial Scripts and the New Transaction Commitment Mindset: Extending the Expert Information Processing Theory Approach to Entrepreneurial Cognition Research", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, July 33(4): 815 - 844.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Mitchell, J. R.; Smith, J. B., 2008, "Inside Opportunity Formation: Enterprise Failure, Cognition, and the Creation of Opportunities", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, September 2(3): 225 - 242.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Bailey, A. D.; Mitchell, J. R., 2008, "Entrepreneurship, Thinking, and Economic Self-Reliance", ESR Review, March 10(1): 8 - 13.
  • Mitchell, J. R.; Friga, P.; Mitchell, R. K., 2005, "Untangling the Intuition Mess: Intuition as a Construct in Entrepreneurship Research", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, November 29(6): 653 - 679.

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