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R.W. Robert White

Professor Emeritus, Finance

Professor Robert White, a member of the Finance Area Group at the Ivey Business School earned a BSc (Honours) and a MBA from the University of British Columbia and PhD from M.I.T. He has published extensively in the leading finance journals, such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money and Management Science, on issues relating to the Financial Services Industry and Financial Markets. The focus of his current research is on the micro-structure of security prices. He is also a prolific case writer. Among his publications is the recent casebook, Case Studies in Modern Corporate Finance. He created and teaches one of the most popular elective courses, Financial Markets (Strategic Financial Planning), at the Ivey Business School.


  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MBA, UBC
  • BSc, UBC

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W.; Smith, B. F., 2010, "In Search of Liquidity: The Block Broker's Choice of where to Trade Cross-listed Stocks", Journal of Economics and Business, January 62(1): 20 - 34.
  • Smith, B. F.; Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W., 2006, "The Impact of Pennies on the Market Quality of The Toronto Stock Exchange", Financial Review, The, May 41(2): 273 - .
  • Smith, B. F.; Alasdair, S. T.; White, R. W., 2001, "Upstairs Market for Principal and Agency Trades: Analysis of Adverse Information and Price Effects", Journal of Finance, January 56(5): 1723 - 1746.
  • Griffiths, M. D.; Smith, B.; Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W., 2000, "The Costs and Determinants of Order Aggressiveness", Journal of Financial Economics, January 56(1): 65 - 88.
  • Griffiths, M. D.; Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W., 1999, "Re-examining the Small-Cap Myth: Problems in Portfolio Formation and Liquidation", Global Finance Journal, January 10(2): 201 - 221.
  • Griffiths, M. D.; Smith, B. F.; Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W., 1998, "The Role of Tick Size in Upstairs Trading and Downstairs Trading", Journal of Financial Intermediation, December 7(4): 393 - 417.
  • Griffiths, M. D.; Smith, B. F.; Turnbull, D. A. .. S.; White, R. W., 1998, "Information Flows and Open Out-Cry: Evidence of Imitation Trading", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, January 8(2): 101 - 116.
  • Smith, B.; White, R. W.; Robinson, M. J.; Nason, R., 1997, "Intraday Volatility and Trading Volume After Takeover Announcements", Journal of Banking & Finance, December 21(3): 337 - 368.
  • Griffiths, M. D.; White, R. W., 1993, "Tax-Induced Trading and the Turn of the Year Anomaly: An Intraday Study", Journal of Finance, December 48(2): 575 - 598.
  • Smith, B.; White, R. W., 1991, "The Impact of Stabilization and Interim Audits on the Pricing of Deposit Insurance", Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, January 19(1): 113 - 132.
  • Smith, B. F.; White, R. W., 1990, "The Capital Market Impact of Recent Canadian Bank Failures", Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, January 7(2): 41 - 47.
  • Smith, B.; White, R. W., 1988, "The Deposit Insurance System in Canada: Problems and Proposals for Change", Canadian Public Policy, January XIV(4): 331 - 346.
  • Hatch, J. E.; White, R. W., 1986, "A Canadian Perspective on Canadian and United States Capital Market Returns: 1950-1983", Financial Analysts Journal, December 42(3): 60 - 69.
  • Murray, J. D.; White, R. W., 1983, "Economies of Scale and Economies of Scope in Multiproduct Financial Institutions: A Study of British Columbia Credit Unions", Journal of Finance, December 38(3): 887 - 902.
  • Kallberg, J. G.; White, R. W.; Ziemba, W. T., 1982, "Short Term Financial Planning Under Uncertainty", Management Science, December 28(6): 670 - 682.

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