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Rod White

Professor Emeritus, General Management & Strategy

R.E. (Rod) White

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  • Business Strategy
  • Top Management Teamwork
  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Learning for Strategic Renewal
  • Competitive Strategy

Roderick E. White is a Professor Emeritus of General Management at Ivey Business School. Since joining the school’s General Management group in 1979, he taught Business Policy and Strategic Management at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. He was a visiting professor at INSEAD during 1996. Rod earned his BA in Honors Business from Western University, and an MBA and DBA from Harvard University.

His research interests include the functioning of top management teams and questions of business strategy-organization. Currently, he is exploring how evolutionary forces affect interesting business behaviours. He received the Academy of Management Review Decade Award for the article, An Organizational Learning Framework: From Intuition to Institutions. He served as Ivey's Associate Dean - Faculty Development and Research from 2009 to 2014. Rod has consulted for numerous organizations. He has served on the board of Sandvik Canada Ltd., Biotron Advisory Board (Western) and the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal.


  • Ivey Field Project (HBA)
  • Strategic Analysis and Action (MBA)
  • Corporate Strategy (MBA)
  • Foundations of Management Thought (PhD)


  • BA (Hons Bus) Western
  • MBA, Harvard
  • DBA, Harvard

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Thornhill, S. J.; White, R. E.; Raynor, M., 2021, "Risky Business: How Strategy Relates to Survival", Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences-Revue Canadienne Des Sciences De L Administration, September 38(3): 245 - 256.
  • Suàrez, J-L.; White, R. E.; Parker, S. C.; Jimenez-Mavillard, A., 2021, "Entrepreneurship bias and the mass media: Evidence from big data", Academy of Management Discoveries, June 7(2): 247 - 265.
  • White, R. E.; Dhanaraj, C. M.; Lehmberg, D., 2019, "Market adjacency and competing technologies: Evidence from the flat panel display industry", Industrial and Corporate Change
  • Cronqvist, H.; Previtero, A.; Siegel, S.; White, R. E., 2016, "The Fetal Origins Hypothesis in Finance: Prenatal Environment, the Gender Gap, and Investor Behavior", Review of Financial Studies, March 29(3): 739 - 786.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Maurer, C. C.; White, R. E., 2011, "Reflections on the 2009 AMR Decade Award: Do We Have a Theory of Organizational Learning?", Academy of Management Review, July 36(3): 446 - 460.
  • Lehmberg, D.; Rowe, W. G.; White, R. E.; Phillips, J., 2009, "The GE Paradox: Competitive Advantage through Fungible Non-Firm-Specific Investment", Journal of Management, October 35(5): 1129 - 1153.
  • Kachra, A.; White, R. E., 2008, "Know-How Transfer: The Role of Social, EconomicCompetitive and Firm Boundary Factors", Strategic Management Journal, April 29(4): 425 - 445.
  • White, R. E.; Thornhill, S. J.; Hampson, E., 2007, "A Biosocial Model of Entrepreneurship: The Combined Effects of Nurture and Nature", Journal of Organizational Behavior, May 28(4): 451 - 466.
  • Thornhill, S. J.; White, R. E., 2007, "Strategic Purity: A Multi-industry Evaluation of Pure versus Hybrid Business Strategies", Strategic Management Journal, May 28(5): 553 - 561.
  • White, R. E.; Thornhill, S. J.; Hampson, E., 2006, "Entrepreneurs and Evolutionary Biology: The Relationship between Testosterone and New Venture Creation", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, April 100(1): 21 - 34.
  • Pierce, B. L.; White, R. E., 2006, "Resource Context Contestability and Emergent Social Structure: An Empirical Investigation of an Evolutionary Theory", Journal of Organizational Behavior, March 27(2): 221 - 239.
  • White, R. E.; Pierce, B. D., 1999, "The Evolution of Social Structure: Why Biology Matters", Academy of Management Review, January 24(4): 843 - 853.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Lane, H. W.; White, R. E., 1999, "An Organizational Learning Framework: From Intuition to Institution", Academy of Management Review, January 24(3): 522 - 537.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Lane, H. W.; White, R. E.; Klus, L., 1996, "The Improvising Organization: Where Planning Meets Opportunity", Organizational Dynamics, January 24(4): 20 - 35.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Lane, H. W.; White, R. E.; Djurfeldt, L., 1995, "Organizational Learning: Dimensions for a Theory", International Journal of Organizational Analysis, January 3(4): 337 - 360.

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  • Visiting Professor at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France
  • Research Associate/Assistant, Harvard Business School
  • Research Associate, Ivey Business School

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