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Xin (Shane) Wang

Adjunct Professor, Marketing

Xin (Shane) Wang

Contact Information

Shane Wang is an Adjunct Professor at the Ivey Business School.e world.

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Wang, X.; Ryoo, J.; Bendle, N. T.; Kopalle, P. K., 2021, "The role of machine learning analytics and metrics in retailing research", Journal of Retailing, December 97(4): 658 - 675.
  • Wang, X.; Lu, S.; Li, X. I.; Khamitov, M.; Bendle, N. T., 2021, "Audio Mining: The Role of Vocal Tone in Persuasion", Journal Of Consumer Research, August 48(2): 189 - 211.
  • Ryoo, J.; Wang, X.; Lu, S., 2021, "Do Spoilers Really Spoil? Using Topic Modeling to Measure the Effect of Spoiling Movie Reviews on Box Office Revenue", Journal of Marketing, March 85(2): 70 - 88.
  • Nguyen, P.; Wang, X.; Li, X.; Cotte, J., 2021, "Reviewing Experts’ Restraint from Extremes and its Impact on Service Providers", Journal of Consumer Research, February 47(5): 654 - 674.
  • Vakratsas, D.; Wang, X., 2021, "Artificial Intelligence in Advertising Creativity", JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING, January 50(1): 39 - 51.
  • Lu, S.; Wang, X.; Bendle, N. T., 2020, "Does Piracy Create Online Word-of-Mouth? An Empirical Analysis in Movie Industry", Management Science, May 66(5): 2140 - 2162.
  • He, J.; Wang, X.; Vandenbosch, M.; Nault, B., 2020, "Revealed Preference in Online reviews: Purchase Verification in the Tablet Market", Decision Support Systems, May 132
  • Li, X.; Li, K.; Wang, X., 2020, "Transparency of Behavior-Based Pricing", Journal of Marketing Research, February 57(1): 79 - 99.
  • Khamitov, M.; Wang, X.; Thomson, M., 2019, "How Well Do Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities", Journal of Consumer Research, October 46(3): 435 - 459.
  • Xi, L.; Shi, M.; Wang, X., 2019, "Video Mining: Measuring Visual Information Using Automatic Methods", International Journal of Research in Marketing, June 36(2): 216 - 231.
  • Borah, A.; Wang, X.; Ryoo, J., 2018, "Understanding Influence of Marketing on Business Practice: Analysis of Business Journals Using Textual Information and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Analysis", Customer Needs and Solutions, December 5(3-4): 146 - 161.
  • Mai, F.; Shan, J.; Bai, Q.; Wang, X.; Chiang, R. H. L., 2018, "How Does Social Media Impact Bitcoin Value? A Test of the Silent Majority Hypothesis", Journal of Management Information Systems, March 35(1): 19 - 52.
  • Aribarg, A.; Otter, T.; Zantedeschi, D.; Allenby, G. M.; Bentley, T.; Curry, D.; Dotson, M.; Henderson, T.; Honka, E.; Kohli, R., et al., 2018, "Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models in Marketing", Customer Needs and Solutions, March 5(1-2): 82 - 92.
  • He, J.; Wang, X.; Curry, D., 2017, "Mediation Analysis: A New Test When All or Some Variables are Categorical", International Journal of Research in Marketing, December 34(4): 780 - 798.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Wang, X., 2017, "Marketing Accounts", International Journal of Research in Marketing, September 34(3): 604 - 621.

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