A substantial gap in understanding exists between what government professionals know about business and what business practitioners know about public policy. Despite the significant overlap in private/public sector issues, Canadian business leaders and public-policy makers often fail to collaborate effectively. This failure can result in policies that have a negative impact on business competitiveness, or business practices that do not properly account for the public interest. 

Our Vision

The Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management is a public policy centre that operates within a large network of academic, business and government leaders with expertise on a range of topics. 

The Lawrence Centre bridges business strategy and government policy by:

  • Providing a forum for business and government to discuss policy development and implementation.
  • Educating future business leaders in public policy and government leaders in business strategy.
  • Conducting leading-edge research on major issues that involve business-government coordination.

Our Goals

The Lawrence Centre aims to bridge the gap between business strategy and government policy by focusing our activities on issues where the two overlap most profoundly. Our education, research and outreach programs support the development of evidence-based policy that creates wealth for a healthy economy and simultaneously serves the public interest.

The Lawrence Centre was established in 2002 with a generous gift from Canadian businessman, Jack Lawrence, HBA '56, who was a strong proponent on behalf of business playing an active role in Canadian public policy. We are committed to expanding Jack's legacy through the development of sound public policy by improving collaboration between government and business.

Our Funding


  • Jack Lawrence Family Gift - $4.9 million                                                                              
  • Mitchell and Kathryn Baran Family Foundation Gift - $1 million

Research Partners:

  • Future of Canadian Manuacturing: Learning from Leading Firms - Partners: Canadian Council for Chief Executives, CIBC, Industry Canada, Linamar and Martinrea, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Total: $100,000
  • Future of Canadian Manufacturing: Attracting Global Mandates - Partners: Canadian Council for Chief Executives, CIBC, IBM, Industry Canada, Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure. Total: $100,000
  • Future of Canadian Manufacturing: Searching for Competitive Advantage - Partner: Siemens Canada. Total: $20,000